The Bachelorette: A Timeline of Hannah Brown’s Post-Finale Relationship Woes

The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown: A timeline of her relationship woes post-finale

The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown has grown immensely through the trials and tribulations of love and heartbreak, and it's taken several post-finale relationship woes to reach a state of gratitude for the experience. She wasn't the first to navigate a turbulent coda to the unconventional pas de deux that is The Bachelorette, and if the show's history is any indication, she won't be the last.

Prior to embarking on a journey to find love on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, the Birmingham native with the Roll-Tide catchphrase was crowned Miss Alabama 2018. She used her pageantry platform to raise awareness for mental health, and was open about her struggles with anxiety and depression growing up. Brown expressed that same vulnerability not only throughout her journey as the Bachelorette, but also once she returned to a real world with cameras trained on her every step. She's chosen to embrace the single life, a result of both learning secrets about the men she was interested in through entertainment press and realizing her own self-worth. Since the day of Brown's ill-fated decision to accept a proposal from Jed Wyatt until now, it hasn't exactly been the fairytale she wanted. Here's a timeline of her post-Bachelorette finale relationship woes.

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  • Hannah Learns About Jed’s Lies: When Wyatt got down on a knee, he had neglected to tell Brown about his girlfriend at home he'd never broken up with. Once the People article came out, Brown questioned Wyatt, realized he wasn't the guy she thought she was marrying, and ended the engagement.
  • Hannah Asks Tyler on a Date : After providing Wyatt with closure on the After The Final Rose special, Brown asked Tyler Cameron out for a drink. He said yes, and the two were spotted not long after leaving Brown's Los Angeles residence in the morning.
  • Tyler Goes Out with Gigi Hadid: Though Brown admitted she still had feelings for Cameron, he wasted no time using his fame to his advantage. Cameron met up with fashion model Gigi Hadid multiple times, sparking dating rumors and effectively putting an end to any possibility of Brown and Cameron continuing to date.

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  • Tyler Looks For Apartment in NYC: Cameron appeared close to making New York City his permanent residence. He posted recently on his Instagram story that he was, "Apartment hunting... send recommendations."
  • JoJo Offers Hannah Life Advice: In response to Cameron's interest in Hadid, former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher told Us Weekly of her advice to Brown: "Stay true to who you are. Don’t feel disrespected." Fletcher added that she hopes that Brown doesn't “get caught up” in all the extra attention that comes from being the Bachelorette.
  • Hannah Finally Lets Go: After opening up to ET, it became clear Brown was ready to move on from Cameron and all her past TV-based romances and focus on herself. She wrote on her Instagram story, "Trusting yourself to release what was and grow into what is deserves to be celebrated. Your ability to let go & accept is a superpower.” 

Following the dismissal of Wyatt and the bad timing of a second chance with Cameron, Brown is ready to move forward in whatever direction that leads her. Some predict that the poise she exuded and the personal growth she displayed should warrant Brown another shot at being The Bachelorette. For now, Brown is still adjusting to living in the public eye, and all the scrutiny and opportunities that come with it. She may have not found love on The Bachelorette, but truth is, it may be easier to find a long-lasting relationship away from television.

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