Tyler Cameron Reportedly in Official Running to be the Next Bachelor

Tyler Cameron still can't seem to evade the news cycle, including reports that he's in the official running to be the next star of The Bachelor.

Tyler Cameron in The Bachelorette Finale

It's been a week since The Bachelorette finale aired and Tyler Cameron still can't seem to evade the news cycle, including reports that he's in the official running to be the next star of The Bachelor. Though he's not the only one in contention, the simple fact that he's the runner-up from Hannah Brown's season, technically still single and easy on the eyes, makes him someone who can't be counted out at this early stage of consideration.

Cameron swooned Brown and the audience in one fell swoop this summer, building hype as one of the best possible candidates to become The Bachelor even before Brown broke up with him in favor of Jed Wyatt. After Brown broke up with Wyatt and asked out Cameron, the two went out for drinks, but Brown has remained adamant that she is single for now. Cameron has said that he is not sure he's ready to be the Bachelor, even if he and Brown don't rekindle their romance. Host Chris Harrison has said that he's not going to make a decision until Bachelor in Paradise runs at least a few weeks because that opens the door to other possible candidates. Still, it's widely been discussed as a three-man horse race for Bachelor, with Cameron's fellow Bachelorette contestants Peter Weber and Mike Johnson also in the running.

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According to TMZ, Cameron is third in line for the coveted role, should he desire it. One unnamed source said, "The Bachelor has to really want to find love, and Tyler doesn't really have his heart in it and the audience can see through it." This comment was not a slight at Cameron's intentions with women, but rather a nod to all the various jobs he's currently juggling. The story made clear that Cameron's position behind Weber and Johnson in the current pecking order is not a result of his recent Brooklyn rendezvous with fashion model Gigi Hadid.

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown The Bachelorette

Another anonymous source told TMZ that they don't feel like Cameron has what it takes to be the lead of the show. Said one source in the story, "I'd be shocked, shocked if Tyler ends up the Bachelor." Cameron was referred to as a "distant third," while Weber and Johnson were described as "dead even" in terms of likelihood of landing the part.

Of course, much can happen between now and the next few weeks as Bachelor in Paradise plays out, bringing other possible men into focus and perhaps eliminating others. Johnson is one of the guys expected to appear on Bachelor in Paradise, an opportunity that could either help or hurt his chances of being The Bachelor. As for Cameron, to suggest that he isn't fit for the role is an assessment that fans across America would eagerly dispute. The more accurate question to ask is not whether Cameron is good enough for The Bachelor, but whether The Bachelor is good enough for him.

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Source: TMZ

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