The Bachelor Season 24 Trailer Teases Hannah Brown & Peter Weber Romance

A newly released trailer for season 24 of The Bachelor shows a complicated conversation between former Bachelorette Hannah Brown and Peter Weber.

Peter Weber and Hannah Brown the Bachelorette

A new trailer for season 24 of the The Bachelor shows that the relationship between Peter Weber and Hannah Brown may not be over just yet. While Brown sent Weber home after fantasy suite dates during her season of The Bacheloretteshe may be returning for a second chance at love with the brand new star of the franchise. If the trailer is any indication, the spark between these two certainly isn't dead, so it's entirely possible that their rekindled romance might be the starring storyline of the season.

Weber stood out as a frontrunner on the latest season of The Bachelorette. Although he didn't win the first impression rose, his relationship with Brown grew steadily as the weeks went by. At one point, he captured the hearts of women all over the nation by asking Hannah to be his girlfriend, a unique move on a dating show where Brown was still seeing multiple men. However, their relationship came to a heartbreaking halt when Brown sent Weber home after fantasy suite dates, choosing to keep Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt instead. When Brown sat down with Weber months later, the pair still seemed friendly. At that point, Brown's engagement to Wyatt had ended, but she seemed more interested in rekindling a relationship with Cameron, while she and Weber embraced more of a friendly vibe. Brown went on to Dancing With the Stars, Weber embraced his new role as the Bachelor, and fans believed that was the end of their relationship. However, a newly released trailer shows we all may have been wrong.

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In a first look at the new season of The Bachelor released on YouTube, Brown makes a shocking appearance. The trailer starts out in typical Bachelor fashion. There's a gaggle of screaming women, plenty of kissing, endless references to Weber's job as a pilot, and lots of talk about how attractive the women find the new Bachelor. As the trailer switches into more dramatic territory, however, viewers are suddenly hit with a familiar face. Footage shows Weber and Brown talking together, intercut with shocked reactions from the other women on the season. "I know there's still something there," viewers hear Hannah say. "And I would do anything for a relationship." The trailer then shows the pair getting fairly cuddly on the couch as Peter smiles excitedly at his old flame. Their interaction ends with a shocking question from Peter. "What I'm about to say is extremely crazy," he says. "What would you say if I asked you to come be part of that house?"

But the teaser trailer isn't the only Hannah Brown-related news in Bachelor Nation. In other footage released on Instagram, Brown steps out of the limo on night one, shocking both Weber and the women. While Weber certainly looks surprised, he also looks happy to see her. In this footage, Brown is clearly wearing a different dress than the one featured in the teaser trailer. While she sports a bright red gown on her limo exit, their subsequent conversation shows her in a sparkly number. Is it possible that she joins the cast for the entirety of Weber's season?

The short answer is no, unless Hannah suddenly found a way to be two places at once. While Weber has been filming his season, Brown has been dancing her heart out every Monday night on Dancing With the Stars. It's possible that ABC allowed Brown to join the season and work around her Dancing With the Stars schedule, but it's highly unlikely. In addition, the truth of what's going on in the conversation between Weber and Brown is a little murky. Most of the clips are voice-overs, which makes it difficult to determine what each person actually said. Odds are, Brown showed up to talk to Weber on more than one occasion, but chose not to pursue a relationship with him on his season. Of course, we can never know for sure until the season airs. It looks like we'll have to wait until January to get our answers on the latest installment of the Weber/Brown romantic saga.

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