The Bachelor: Week 6 Winners, Losers & Eliminations

The Losers

Some weeks of The Bachelor are straightforward in their winners and losers, but Colton Underwood has proven to be an unpredictable star, following through on a rose ceremony when it was clear neither Nicole nor Onyeka stood much chance of remaining... only to skip the cocktail party at episode's end when his choice wasn't clear at all. But as much as we may weep for Kirpa--referred to by Colton as "a slow and steady bird," before offering her a rose as an obvious apology--the week's first loser could only be Sydney.

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It seems a cruel but certain twist of fate: upon traveling from America to luxury resorts across Southeast Asia, at least one contestant realizes that a reality TV show like The Bachelor might not be the way they want to meet their future spouse. And just two weeks before Sydney would have taken Colton home to meet her family, her apprehensions got the best of her. Delivering an ultimatum few would ever dare--"in order for him to find his wife, he's gotta make a lot of changes"--Sydney forced Colton to choose. We're not entirely sure what between, but with tears and a broken heart she bid The Bachelor adieu (while also informing Colton that she was far more prepared for marriage than other girls in contention).

With Sydney out of the way, there is only Demi to mourn. As proof that every silver lining needs a cloud, the week in which Demi's mother was released from prison turned out to be the same one in which her daughter had punches rained upon both her face and heart. First, by Katie in a fight so depressing it killed the entire tournament, and finally, by Colton revealing that he could not reciprocate Demi's feelings of falling-in-love.

We would like to say the crude, chopped together audio which tried to make Demi a predator hunting Colton's virginity, and later had her assuring him he stood no chance of finding love were unexpected or offensive. But after six weeks of production half-attempting to make a villain out of nothing more than dry humor and an annoying(?) laugh, Demi's departure was simply anti-climactic (the credits offering one last uncomfortable case of the producers trying to decide if an incarcerated mother is to be lamented or laughed at). The result was a fairly standard letdown and sparing of the rose ceremony... leading to one of the first truly unexpected eliminations of the season.

The Eliminations

Fear not: even with four women effectively self-eliminated from the competition, a sacrifice was still to be made. After just one week of basking in the transformative glory of "being kissed by a boy," Heather narrowly escaped elimination - claiming the final rose, and sending Katie home. An unexpected twist, considering how she had previously expressed enough uncertainty and fear of being misunderstood by Colton as to warrant emotional subtitles.

In the end, it seems Katie's apprehension about dropping her walls with a 90% chance of being dumped ended up costing her. But Katie may have gotten to write the last page of her Bachelor story, informing Colton that he had better choose wisely of the women who outlasted her... since many are not as "ready" for an overnight husband as they claim to be.


From the preview of next week's episode of The Bachelor, Nicole, Onyeka, Sydney, Demi, and Katie may have escaped just before Colton's season jumps out of the frying pan and into the fire. Take a look at the preview below, and let us know your own thoughts on this episode in the comments.

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