Bachelor: Rachel Lindsay Bored By Peter Weber Casting, Wanted First Black Lead Instead

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Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is bored by Peter Weber's casting on The Bachelor; she wanted to see the first black lead instead. Most of the Bachelor Nation is still reeling from the recent decision and hopes this new season won’t be a bust.

Being the first bachelorette of color was a source of great pride for Lindsay. She believed that for the first time she was going to be able to watch history in the making on the upcoming season. The reality star said that she felt compelled to speak out on the subject since it seemed most people were staying quiet. While she acknowledged that Weber is half Cuban, she also thinks that he will attract mostly white contestants. Lindsay did share a production secret saying all bachelors and bachelorettes are asked what they are interested in, hoping that might allow some diversity.

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Soon after Peter Weber was announced to be the next Bachelor, Lindsay spoke up, saying she was more than disappointed in the franchise for their choice, as reported by People. Lindsay had been one of the first to push for Johnson as he would have been the first African American bachelor in the history of the franchise. She made note that it seemed like Johnson was just looked over and not even given a second thought. The former bachelorette, who did not want to take anything away from Weber, said that she was sure he was a very nice guy and would make a good bachelor, but she was just bored of seeing the same white guy compete. The reality star went on to say, “We’ve seen 24 Peters. I’m bored.”

The Bachelorette- Mike Johnson

The first and only black bachelorette said her frustration comes from the franchise choosing to continue with a lack of diversity. She worries that, by the network overlooking Johnson, it will send a bad message to viewers. If Johnson had been cast, not only would he have been the first African-American man, he would have also been the first military veteran that the franchise ever had. Lindsay finished by saying that she is sure ABC had their reasons for not casting the fan-favorite, but what keeps her going is hope that the network will eventually give the fans what they want.

It has been pointed out that maybe Johnson is not single, and that could be the reason he was not chosen. He has been spotted recently with singer Demi Lovato, but both claim to just be hanging out. Fans were especially disappointed in the lack of choice because even host Chris Harrison had said that Johnson stood an excellent chance of getting the title. Lindsay ended her interview by saying she had been hopeful since Johnson had checked all the boxes, but could not understand how a man that checks all the boxes would not be chosen. Most fans seem to have the same temperament that Lindsay does, hoping that the franchise changes their casting practices sooner rather than later.

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Source: People

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