The Bachelor: Who We Wish Was Chosen Over Peter Weber

Peter Weber The Bachelorette

The Bachelor is officially Peter Weber, and not everyone is happy. It's no knock on Weber, arguably the most obvious and risk-averse choice. But any time a new lead is chosen for the show, there's always a section of the fan base that doesn't approve.

While rumors of Weber becoming The Bachelor had circulated long before Tuesday night's announcement, he wasn't the only option when the process started. The three hot names after Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette ended were Mike Johnson and Tyler Cameron. The latter jetted to New York for a modeling career and a romance with Gigi Hadid. Johnson, on the other hand, attempted a second shot at love - and potentially a campaign for The Bachelor if things didn't work out - on Bachelor in Paradise. The one name to emerge from relative obscurity to Bachelor contention was Derek Peth. As Weber's name faded into the periphery, a debate ensued between whether Johnson or Peth were better suited for the position. Peth, reportedly, was never contacted for the job. Johnson, however, was considered. Both men were among the few guys on Paradise who didn't do anything to place themselves in a negative light. Neither, however, stood out enough to the powers that be to warrant the selection.

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We're sure Weber will do an admirable job as The Bachelor. Here's who the Screen Rant's reality team thinks would have been better and why:

The Bachelorette's Mike Johnson in serious consideration for The Bachelor

Mike Johnson: The Bachelor had an easy choice and didn't make it. In 24 seasons, there hasn't been one African American man to hold the position, proving the inherent biases that exist from those in charge. Johnson, whose energy and positivity swooned fans and celebrities alike, wasn't only the most compelling lead of the bunch; he would have been able to tell a different story from a new perspective. Weber's narrative - being too slow to open up, wanting a love like his parents have, searching for his best friend - are too indistinguishable from the arcs of past Bachelors. Weber will be a good Bachelor. Johnson could have been exceptional.  — Justin Fedich

Mike Johnson: Personally, I would have chosen Mike Johnson as the next Bachelor because it would have been the first time on the franchise that a veteran and African- American Bachelor was picked. Mike had been an obvious choice to me as he was the fan favorite! I Think ABC may have missed the mark with their choice of Peter Weber; the network could have shown a great depiction of an African- American man, which is something the nation could have used. As a fan, Weber is just too generic. Hopefully, he doesn’t bore viewers to tears. — Jennifer O'Brien

Peter Weber: Here's my hot take on Peter chosen as the Bachelor: I am actually okay with Peter being chosen as the Bachelor and I think he’ll do a good job in the role (Mike Johnson is busy dating Demi Lovato, okay? He was always too good for this franchise anyway), but part of me wishes that ABC would go back to choosing leads for The Bachelor who had never been on the show, or were less well known. If we went back to the format where you had to apply to be the lead and it wasn’t automatically someone from a previous season, I think it would make the show more effective and more enjoyable. Having contestants come onto the season with no preconceived notions - or really any information - about the lead might weed out some of the girls who are clearly coming on the show because they want to be cast as The Bachelorette or on Bachelor in Paradise. — Julia Thompson

Dean Unglert: After years of choosing men and women deemed 'just so darn cute' by America despite their talent for creating terrible television, it seemed The Bachelor production realized their mistake. But Hannah Brown remains an outlier, now that a boy who makes Ben Higgins seem edgy has claimed the top spot. If not Matt from this very season of Paradise (his mother would kill him), was Garrett still recovering from Luke P.'s stare-down? If it had to be a Peter, was Rachel Lindsay's runner-up busy? Honestly, we would've preferred Dean. — Andrew Dyce

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