The Bachelor: Peter Weber ‘Started Going Crazy’ After Finding Out He Was Cast

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The Bachelor's Peter Weber "started going crazy" after finding out he was cast. Weber, who was left broken-hearted when Hannah Brown sent him home after an intimate night together, is more than certain that he will be able to find the one woman with whom he is meant to be.

While the Bachelor franchise is booming, even having their first same-sex proposal recently, there never seems to be more drama than when the new Bachelor is announced. This engagement shows a major step in the ABC and the show which is currently being criticized for its lack of diversity. In the 17-year run of The Bachelor, there has been no African-American Bachelors and just one African-American Bachelorette in 2017. The franchise is looking at major pushback from viewers with the recent choice of Peter Weber.

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Viewers have had some mixed reactions since Weber has been announced as the next Bachelor. The pilot will have to weather some turbulence due to ABC having overlooked Mike Johnson, but Weber is still more excited than ever to be given the title of the next Bachelor. On a recent episode of Ellen DeGeneres that aired on September 18, he said he literally just lost his mind. He went into detail that after receiving the phone call from producers telling him the good news, he had to hop on a red eye flight from Burbank to Atlanta due to his job. He laughed with the comedian, saying he really had to focus and land the plane safely. The pilot shared that the hardest part was not being able to tell anyone because it was a secret.

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Weber became a favorite while he was on The Bachelorette for Hannah Brown’s season. While he obviously did not get chosen by Brown, he said he is more than ready to jump headfirst into this new adventure, telling Ellen he only wants a chance to find his true love. He did touch on the fact that he had to compartmentalize his feelings for Brown by acknowledging them and then moving forward, which allowed his heart to be more open for the upcoming experience. Weber ended the recalling of his time with Brown, saying “I’m ready to move on and I’m ready to find my girl, and I’m very hopeful this is going to work out.”

Host Chris Harrison announced on Bachelor in Paradise reunion special that Weber was the next Bachelor. Even though the announcement has come with immense backlash due to the network overlooking Mike Johnson, most fans are hopeful that Weber will make a fine Bachelor, in the end, finding his one true love.

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