The Bachelor: Why Peter Weber's Casting is Perfect

Peter Weber in The Bachelorette

On Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, it was hard for some fans to watch as it was decidedly one of the most over-the-top dramatic spectacles on display yet, with everything that could possibly happen... happening. Yet, Weber remained clear-headed for the duration of the season, hardly giving into the toxic head-butting that was going on around him. He remained a quiet contender who seemed only interested in Hannah and moving forward with her. 

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He may have only nearly avoided drama entirely last season, but that didn’t necessarily earn him that final rose. It did, however, place him as a runner-up for the position of the next Bachelor, alongside Tyler Cameron, Derek Peth from Bachelor in Paradise, and Mike Johnson. While Cameron reportedly turned down the offer of Bachelor, Johnson had a few words to say about Weber. Following his statement, he did offer a few reasons why Peter was chosen instead of him, saying, Peter and I are two completely different people—both good people, kind-hearted people. But I do feel that I’m a bit more outspoken than Peter. I’m a bit louder than Peter is.” As we witnessed in Brown's season, Johnson was never too shy to defend her honor in a heated argument, while Weber was more of the quiet, polite type. 

While Johnson remains a strong contender and fan favorite for later seasons, one major aspect put Weber in the front, aside from his other qualities. In Brown's own words, “Peter really was heartbroken.” Fans saw in those final moments Weber driving away, completely shattered, barely holding on like no one else. Throughout the season, he was seen as gentle, kind, and focused on Brown, so when the moment came that broke his heart, we really saw it and felt it. It truly was heartbreaking. 

Weber’s casting was perfect because we couldn’t possibly wait another season to bring him back. We needed Peter while those feelings were still fresh because that’s when it becomes a redemption story. If you look back at previous seasons, that’s always been the hook. Say, for example, when Becca Kufrin was dumped by Arie Luyendyk and then immediately cast as the next Bachelorette. Peter’s difficult-to-watch heartbreak is what ultimately got him the spot as the next Bachelor and that’s what makes his casting is absolutely perfect.

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