Bachelor in Paradise's Dylan May Have Spoiled Hannah's Choice During the Premiere

Bachelor in Paradise's Dylan May Have Spoiled Hannah's Choice During the Premiere

Bachelor in Paradise contestant Dylan Barbour may have spoiled Hannah Godwin's big decision - picking him over Blake Horstmann at the last rose ceremony - during the season premiere weeks ago. Fans are now questioning some cryptic tweets he shared a while back.

On Bachelor in Paradise, to the surprise of many fans, Godwin chose Barbour over Horstmann during the rose ceremony. A lot of Bachelor Nation was shocked by this decision, considering her connection with Horstmann seemed so much stronger. It had also come out that he'd visited her before filming began. But viewers might not have been so shocked if they'd been paying closer attention to Barbour's Twitter during the season premiere on August 5.

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As Refinery29 pointed out, Barbour sent off some telling tweets the night of the Bachelor in Paradise premiere that actually hinted at Godwin's choice weeks before the rose ceremony aired. After Godwin chose Barbour, the two went on their first one-on-one date, during which time Barbour told Godwin he was falling in love with her. That's when Godwin said she was "all in" - something Barbour foreshadowed in a tweet weeks ago. The night of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 premiere, Barbour tweeted, "yo @hannahg11 heads up:" along with a GIF of Rashida Jones playing poker and saying "all in." 

He also hinted that he and Godwin were together a few weeks later, when he defended her on Twitter. Some trolls started to attack Godwin because of how her and Barbour's relationship was unfolding on the show. She'd been splitting her time between him and Horstmann. It had also just come out that Horstmann visited Godwin's home in Alabama before meeting her on the show. Barbour stood up for Godwin, asking the trolls to "give her a break," adding that he knew what he signed up for. He also sang her praises after filming The Bachelorette Men Tell All special in July, which took place after Bachelor in Paradise filmed.

Given all of this information, astute fans likely weren't shocked by Godwin's decision. Meanwhile, non-sleuths were left stunned - all signs up until that point hinted at Horstmann. But now Bachelor Nation will start looking a little closer at contestants' social media accounts to find spoilers. Considering Barbour is still speaking so kindly of Godwin, it looks like paradise ends well for both of them.

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Source: Refinery29

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