Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 Teaser Previews Nearly All of the Contestants Crying

A dramatic new teaser for ABC's Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 promises an emotional season, with nearly every contestant on the show crying.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 Cast

A dramatic new teaser for ABC's Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 shows nearly all of the contestants crying. It seems as though love is harder to find in paradise than any of the contestants initially thought.

Bachelor in Paradise is a spinoff of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette set in Mexico that brings together former contestants (that didn't find love on their respective reality shows) and offers them a second shot at finding a relationship. There have been some dramatic moments on the show - like the absolutely gut-wrenching breakup between Kirk DeWindt and Carly Waddell just before the Fantasy Suites (where contestants can choose to spend the night together and take their relationship a step further) in Season 2, and pretty much everything Chad Johnson said and did in Season 3. But judging by this latest preview, Season 6 might have both of those seasons beat in terms of tears.

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While the beginning of the new teaser starts out with the usual Bachelor in Paradise highlight reel - contestants in bathing suits swimming, drinking, and lifting weights - things take a turn. At the start of the teaser, fan-favorite John Paul Jones sensually rubs down one of the twins (either Haley or Emily Ferguson, though it's unclear) with sunscreen, while this season's rumored villain, Blake Horstmann, makes out with several different women. That's where things in the trailer start to go downhill. Blake appears to be in a love pentagon this season with several different contestants, resulting in quite a few tears. However, it turns out that nearly every contestant ends breaking down at some point in the teaser.

While fans were thrilled to learn that the series will feature its first-ever same-sex relationship, involving contestant Demi Burnett, they'll be disappointed to know that it might not be all rainbows and butterflies. Demi is seen crying to fellow contestant Katie Morton because she's caught in a love triangle with a mystery woman and contestant Derek Peth. She's then seen telling the woman (who she was previously straddling and making out with) through tears that she doesn't want to lose her. Even Bibiana Julian, who is typically very upbeat, as well as the always-calm John Paul Jones, get upset, which is followed by a montage of crying cast members, including Katie, Derek, Demi, and John.

While there will surely be tons of drama this season on Bachelor in Paradise, there will also be plenty to celebrate - like the wedding of former contestants Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson. Demi can be heard saying in the clip that she "smells an engagement," though it's unclear if she's referring to herself or another contestant. The teaser also hints at some successful Fantasy Suites and plenty of hot tub make-out sessions.

Bachelor in Paradise is normally an intense reality show. That said, this season may be the most intense yet. Aside from including the show's first same-sex relationship, it looks like it'll definitely be a season of firsts; and one of those firsts may involve every single contestant taking their turn having a full-on emotional breakdown.

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Bachelor In Paradise premieres Monday, August 5 at 8pmEST on ABC.

Source: Anna Marie's BachelorTV

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