Bachelor in Paradise Season 6: Who Are the Heroes & Villains?

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 Cast

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 has officially begun, and fans are no doubt wondering who its heroes and villains are going to be. As contestants look for love in all the wrong places, they're beginning to show their true colors.

Bachelor in Paradise is a Bachelor spinoff where former contestants meet at a luxury, Mexican resort, go on dates with one another, then gossip about it in the privacy of the confessional - ultimately with romantic goals, of course. The newest season is set in Sayulita, Mexico, and there are already plenty of contestants bringing varying degrees of drama into the whole mix (see: Blake Horstmann's current trouble-stirring love affairs). Let's take a look at all of the heroes and villains in Bachelor in Paradise's sixth season.

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 Heroes

Bachelor in Paradise Clay Harbor

Viewers always enjoy rooting for the underdog in any reality TV show because when does the good guy ever win, really? Ex-footballer, Clay Harbor, is joining the cast in the category as our first hero. He has found love once before with fellow Bachelor Nation alum, Angela Amezcua, even though they ultimately broke up. Harbor is a fan favorite for his consistent positive attitude throughout his season.

There is also book worm, Bibiana Julian, who is pretty much a veteran of the reality show. She survived Arie’s season with a smile on her face, which was not easy. If all else fails and love evades Julian, she'll at least have a good book to cuddle up with on the beach. Lastly, the hunk, Kevin Fortenberry, from Hannah’s season is back with hopefully many shirtless scenes. Fortenberry didn’t make a memorable splash on his season, so fans are hoping this is the season he finds love by coming out of his shell.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 Villains

Kristina takes Blake on a date, but is she tricking him?

No new season would be complete without a couple of villains to shake up everyone’s margaritas, leaving a bitter taste in the collective fan's mouth. On seasons past, there have always been a few fame-hungry ladies who have tried out for the show for all the wrong reasons; Demi Burnett is one of those girls that fans either completely loved or hated. She is an aspiring Victoria Secret model whose dream is to become their first petite angel with her own entourage known as “Demi Angels.” Until Victoria’s Secret wises up, fans will be able to find Burnett in the mansion putting her pursuit of love into overdrive.

The next red flag contestant would have to be John Paul Jones, if only for the reason that he always insists that everyone call him by his full name: Mr. John Paul Jones (does he think he's the Pope?). This is the kind of behavior that leads to fans showing now restraint on social media. Meanwhile, Blake Horstmann is the all-American guy-turned-bad boy. In the new season of Bachelor in Paradise, he's been sleeping around with several contestants, finding himself in a love triangle, plus one, with Kristina Shulman, Tayshia Adams, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and Hanna Godwin. For the most part, he's been constantly digging himself into a hole, despite his attempts to prove his innocence.

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Lastly, Cam Ayala has slithered his way back into the cast. Ayala will have an uphill battle after burning all the other guys on his season. Odds are - given his history - he likely won’t care too much about repairing burned bridges and will instead go full steam ahead befriending female contestants.

This season of Bachelor in Paradise is already filled with steamy scenes and a bit of double-crossing (and triple-crossing, and so on). The contestants are only two weeks in, but most have fallen head over heels after their first meetings. There will be many roses up for grabs throughout the season, and fans will have to continue to tune in to see who stands out as heroes and who's kicking contestants to the curb as villains.

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Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm EST on ABC.

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