Bachelor in Paradise: Katie Morton Opens Up (And Jokes) About Her Narcolepsy

Bachelor in Paradise's Katie Morton opened up (and joked) about her narcolepsy. The former contestant has struggled for most of her life to get her disease under control.

Morton was a contestant on The Bachelor on Colton Underwood’s season. She and her boyfriend, Chris Bukowski, were last seen on Bachelor in Paradise, where they were filmed multiple times having relationship issues. Morton showed up at the reunion not wearing her engagement ring, but told viewers they were still engaged. She went on to say that the couple had needed to work on their communication and were doing much better. However, Morton had way more on her mind than worrying if her boyfriend was fully committed to their relationship.

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According to People, what fans of the hit show may not have been aware of was that Morton was trying to keep her narcolepsy under control while filming. The 26-year-old reality star has had to deal with the sleeping disorder for most of her life. The condition  is known to cause constant drowsiness, also causing the subject to suddenly fall asleep. The reality star opened up about her struggle because a fan asked her about it on Instagram, questioning her how she managed the disease on a daily basis; Morton openly responded to the fan saying that the disease has its days. Morton said sometimes narcolepsy can make her feel upset, because she will become very emotional due to her being extremely tired. She continued to say that over the years she has become aware of the brain fog and learned to adapt to forgetting more than your average person.

Katie Morton in Bachelor in Paradise

Morton wanted to bring awareness to the disease in hopes of helping others. She said she learned to manage her disorder over the years, learning some important tricks of the trade. She had to embrace the idea that she will have to take medicine to help control the disease. She has also learned that certain foods will trigger her to become sleepier. She had to understand that, at times, she could not go out and socialize as her friends could easily do. Morton’s sleep habits when first diagnosed were close to that of a kindergartener. She explained the statement by saying that she would constantly need to take multiple, short naps. Her attitude would differ from being extremely hyper to upset between naps. Luckily, the reality star could joke about her narcolepsy saying that, at times, it can come in handy, like the time she missed the Bachelor in Paradise drama at the Stagecoach, saying “Turns out this year was a good year to turn in early.”

While Bachelor Nation fans are happy to have been allowed into such a private part of Morton’s life, they hope that she will continue to stay positive when dealing with her disorder. After Morton revealed that she and Bukowski were still intended to get married, fans have started to rest easy. Now it seems that all the talk is about the new bachelor, Peter Weber, who has caused an uproar with his casting to the show.

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Source: People

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