Bachelor in Paradise’s John Paul Jones Says He’s Done With Reality TV

John Paul Jones is done with reality TV

John Paul Jones, the puzzling Bachelor in Paradise contestant whom everyone grew to either love, hate, or some combination of both, says he's done with reality television. His much maligned behavior on the show sparked reprobation from fans and critics alike, and it sounds like Jones doesn't feel like experiencing that again.

As cringeworthy as some of Jones' comments and actions were on the sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise, the first couple weeks were clear of any Jones controversy. He was a silly character with a playful romance with Tayshia Adams, and Bachelor Nation was 100 percent here for it. In hindsight, things started to go south when Adams told Jones he could date other women. Rather than committing wholeheartedly to pursue other relationships, he used the other women, feigning interest in them even though he only had feelings for Adams. His ugliest moment occurred at the Krystal Nielson-Chris Randone wedding, where Jones verbally assaulted Derek Peth. Jones would continue to quarrel with Peth, who ultimately left Paradise after Adams broke up with him. When Jones told Adams he loved her, she knew she wasn't going to get there with the unworldly 24-year-old. The two departed in separate limos following a strange goodbye.

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When speaking with Extra, Jones implied that he shouldn't be expected on any Bachelor shows in the future. He said, "I'm done with reality TV. It was fun. I'm grateful for the experience, but I got what I needed out of it." When pressed further and reminded that many a Bachelor contestant has said the same thing only to return to the franchise again, Jones doubled down by reiterating, "I'm a man of my word and I mean it when I say it. I don't want to go through with that again."

John Paul Jones Bachelor in Paradise

In the same interview, Jones delivered a faux-apology to the Randones for ruining their wedding with his rage. He did say he was sorry, but only after passively stating, "Anything can happen at any given time. It's unfortunate that it happened during their wedding." There was no word on whether Jones and Adams have reconciled since Paradise or whether Jones has been dating since leaving the beaches of Mexico.

While Jones was without question an entertaining character, he revealed his immaturity in the way he treated and talked about women. His fun romantic gestures toward Adams were overshadowed by misogynistic comments he made to Haley Ferguson and, at times, Adams, as well as his unprompted fighting with Peth. Perhaps Jones will be a welcome addition to the Bachelor in Paradise cast in the future if he decides to change his mind, but he needs first to grow as a man and realize why some of the things he said and did in Paradise are not acceptable ways to act, on television or elsewhere.

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The Bachelor in Paradise finale airs September 17 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Source: Extra

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