Bachelor in Paradise: Dylan Barbour is Officially Falling in Love with Hannah Godwin

Bachelor in Paradise's Dylan tells Hannah he's falling in love

Dylan Barbour's up-and-down relationship with Hannah Godwin on Bachelor in Paradise advanced to the next level when Barbour announced he was falling in love. While Godwin hasn't always been sure she wanted Barbour, his pursuit of Godwin has been as constant as any on the season.

Barbour, a castoff on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, coupled up with Godwin, a runner-up on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor early into the series' sixth season. He was instantly smitten with the woman who once made such a strong first impression on The Bachelor to warrant the first impression rose. What seemed like a beautiful relationship took a step back when Blake Horstmann, whose previous dates had led him to dead ends, decided to insert himself into the Barbour-Godwin partnership. Godwin appeared to be quite taken with Horstmann as well, and it resulted in a verbal confrontation on the beach between Barbour and Horstmann arguing over time with the same love interest. At the rose ceremony, Godwin chose Barbour, pleasing both Bachelor Nation and many of the contestants on the show.

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Following the rose ceremony, Barbour and Godwin finally got to go on a date with one another, where Barbour said he'd needed to tell Godwin something important.  Walking into the conversation, Barbour told the cameras, "This has been the hardest few weeks that I've ever had to go through in my entire life, and it's because I've never wanted something as badly." Godwin appeared to have made up her mind that she was committed to Barbour, saying to him, "Seeing that you really fought for me and didn't give up, it just showed me a lot about who you are."

Dylan Barbour confesses love to Hannah Godwin on Bachelor in Paradise

Barbour talked about his family history before telling Godwin that he was starting to fall in love with her. Godwin paused for a moment, holding in a huge grin and then proclaiming, "I am all in for you." The two kissed, setting the stage for a bright future for one of the most adored couples on Bachelor in Paradise this season. Barbour stated later in a confessional that he understands if Godwin isn't ready to tell him she is falling in love yet.

Whether or not this relationship continues after Bachelor in Paradise hinges on if Godwin can feel as strongly about Barbour as he clearly feels about her. She made a huge step in dumping Horstmann, a move that was universally applauded on social media. But surely, the new arrivals aren't finished. It's likely Godwin will continue to be put to the test to prove whether she is actually all in with Barbour.

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Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC.

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