Bachelor in Paradise: It Hurts Derek Peth to See JPJ And Tayshia Together

Derek Peth in Bachelor in Paradise

Derek Peth revealed that it hurts to see John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams together after the Bachelor in Paradise finale. Peth's journey on Paradise ended much more abruptly and dramatically than last time, and he's honest about the emotions that accompany being broken up with twice in the same season.

Through little fault of his own, Peth had a rough go of it on season six of Bachelor in Paradise. When Demi Burnett ended their relationship to pursue her now-fiancé Kristian Haggerty, Peth asked himself why he's always told how great of a guy he is only for it not to work out. To add insult to injury, Haggerty joined Burnett in Paradise, creating a far from ideal situation for the unattached Peth. He moved on, however, connecting with Adams while Jones ran off to go on dates with Tahzjuan Hawkins and Haley Ferguson. Jones' heart was never in it though, and he soon circled back to Adams. When Jones decided to lay into Peth for no apparent good reason, Adams realized she now had a choice to make. She broke up with Peth, who soon after made the decision that his best next move was to leave Mexico. When Jones told Adams he loved her, she said she wasn't there yet. The two left separately, but have since started dating again.

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Peth admitted to Us Weekly that he was still struggling. He said, "I can’t help but still wonder whether these really negative things that someone said about me impacted the way that she sees me.” That negativity referred to Jones' verbal attacks on Peth, claiming that he had bad intentions with Adams. Nothing that Jones said was ever backed up by facts. After enduring a breakup with Burnett and staying friendly with both her and Haggerty, Peth said he wishes his relationship with Jones could have played out the same way. Peth told Us that it was "hard to see an immature reaction."

John Paul Jones on Bachelor in Paradise

Adams said she knows that Jones is a passionate person and that his outbursts were rooted in love. She said at the reunion, “The fact that he wanted to stand up to me and prove to me that, I think, that’s what I admired the most. How it happened at a wedding, I do not like, but he knows that." While Adams lives in Los Angeles and Jones in Maryland, the two are discussing the possibility of continuing their relationship without being long-distance. Adams said, "We’re just taking it one day at a time.”

The tension between Jones and Peth appeared to be a one-sided affair from the onset. Peth avoids conflict, while Jones, especially when he's really invested in someone, seeks it out. This whole ordeal could be resolved if Jones had made the effort to say sorry to both Peth and Chris and Krystal Randone for spoiling their wedding. But he's gritted his teeth through his apologies, delivering half-hearted regrets that don't seem all that sincere. That being said, neither Peth nor the newly married couple seem to harbor too much animosity towards Jones. And, even though he's far from perfect, it's hard to deny that Jones and Adams are still super cute together.

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Source: Us

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