Bachelor in Paradise’s Demi Leaves Derek For Her Girlfriend

Bachelor in Paradise’s Demi Leaves Derek For Her Girlfriend

Bachelor in Paradise contestant Demi Burnett left Derek Peth for her girlfriend back home, Kristian Haggerty, who surprised her in paradise. Despite not being a member of Bachelor Nation, Haggerty has been invited to stay in Mexico for the rest of the season.

On Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise - where former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants look for love - the franchise featured its first same-sex couple, Burnett and Haggerty. While most viewers are thrilled the series is becoming more inclusive - and LGTBQ fans are enjoying the representation - one person who isn't as thrilled about their love is Peth. Burnett - who appeared on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor - initially came to paradise alone and hit it off with Peth. The two have grown close over the past few weeks, before Haggerty arrived and made Burnett realize where her heart really lies.

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After weeks of going back and forth between Peth and Haggerty, Burnett finally made her decision on Bachelor in Paradise. Haggerty surprised Burnett in Mexico, making her realize they both still had strong feelings for each other. Unfortunately for Peth, Burnett's feelings were stronger for Haggerty than for him. Burnett and Haggerty then had a tearful embrace and Burnett told Haggerty it was "always" her. That's when she ended things with Peth - and broke the news that Haggerty would be staying in paradise.

Peth was upset he'd now have to watch Burnett get closer to Haggerty, but said that he respected her decision. The three then had an awkward conversation (basically about how great Burnett is) and agreed to move on with the rest of paradise in peace. Later, Burnett came out to the rest of the cast in Mexico, announcing that she was going to pursue things with Haggerty. Then the women got to go on their first one-on-one date in paradise. During their romantic date, the couple exchanged "I love yous" and said they were excited to see where things go.

It's unclear how paradise will end for Peth. Fans know by now that Burnett and Haggerty are most likely going to get engaged at the end of this season. While some fans are upset the show has broken the rules for the couple - and that Peth is forced to watch them fall in love in Mexico - most are excited to watch the first same-sex proposal in the franchise's history. But there's still a few more weeks left in paradise, so really anything could happen.

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Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm EST on ABC.

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