Bachelor in Paradise’s Dean Unglert Returns to Get Caelynn Miller-Keyes Back

Dean Unglert Bachelor in Paradise

In the most dramatic twist of the season, Dean Unglert has returned to the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise to win former fling Caelynn Miller-Keyes back. And in the most dramatic twist ever, Unglert returned without his 1970s-esque mustache on his face.

Long before the Blake Horstmann-Hannah Godwin-Tayshia Adams-Kristina Schulman-Caelynn Miller-Keyes drama (wow, that's a lot), there was the Unglert-Danielle Lombard-Kristina Schulman love triangle. Unglert was the original indecisive boy on the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise, and it seems like he might not be ready to give up his title. Unglert is a seasoned veteran for The Bachelor franchise, and though he had a less than desirable experience on his last season of Bachelor in Paradise, he chose to return. He wanted (yet) another chance at finding love, and it seemed like he had found it in former beauty pageant queen Miller-Keyes, but alas, he backed out just when things were getting good between the two. In the episodes prior to this week, fans saw Unglert choosing to leave without Miller-Keyes because he believed their relationship would never last in the real world. Unglert also said he couldn't see himself giving up his untethered lifestyle and that he wouldn't be ready to settle down any time soon. He made the decision that he was officially leaving the beach, but he would be leaving Miller-Keyes to cry alone on the beaches for all of Bachelor Nation to see. Luckily, Miller-Keyes quickly realized she was better off and moved on to Connor Saeli, but what will happen now that Unglert has returned?

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Leading up to Unglert's re-appearance on the September 3 episode (via: People), fans were treated to a montage of someone shaving off a horrendous mustache, which gave him some bonus points to start because viewers and Miller-Keyes hated that facial hair decision for him. A clean shaven Unglert strolled back onto the Bachelor in Paradise set and straight over to the former Bachelor contestant, who was, of course, shocked to see him. Unglert explained to a confused Caelynn that he felt that he couldn't wait until the show ended to contact her, because he was worried she would make a connection with someone else and leave the show in a relationship, which is why he came back to the beach. Unglert acknowledged the one-sided choice he'd made to leave the show without talking to Miller Keyes saying, "I made a decision that I thought was best for you, but it wasn't really fair of me to make that decision." He also said after he flew home, he took a trip to the Grand Canyon and couldn't help thinking "about how badly" he wished she was with him. At the end of his speech, Unglert asked Miller-Keyes to leave the Bachelor in Paradise beaches with him, immediately.

Caelynn in Bachelor in Paradise

Thought Unglert's sentiments seemed sincere, it was Miller-Keyes' turn to be indecisive, but who can blame her? She said she was "the most confused I've ever been in my life" following Unglert's attempt at reconciliation. The model said that choosing between Unglert and Saeli wouldn't be an easy decision, saying, "I literally have the dangerous guy and the perfect man." The episode, of course, fades to black at that moment and leaves viewers yelling at their TVs.

While the decision between the ever-wandering Unglert or the six-foot-six Saeli may seem obvious to viewers, as well as every other contestant on Bachelor in Paradise who warned Miller-Keyes not to get involved with Unglert, it's unclear what decision the Bachelor Nation star will make. Will she choose to leave the show for a life of living in a converted van with no running water while traveling around the country with the man she loves? Or, will she choose to stay on the beaches of Mexico to pursue a still-developing relationship with a man who once left post-it-notes with inspirational messages around The Bachelorette Hannah Brown's hotel room?

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Source: People

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