Dean Unglert Gives Caelynn A Tour of His Van After Bachelor in Paradise

Caelynn and Dean in Bachelor in Paradise

In what may be the most brief episode of Cribs of all time, Dean Unglert gave Caelynn Miller-Keyes a tour of his van after their time on Bachelor in Paradise. There doesn't appear to be too much room for activities, but that seems to be just fine for the happy homeless couple.

From the moment he stepped onto the beach in Mexico for the sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise, Unglert has not been shy about discussing his cramped living quarters. His adoption of the mobile life suits him well, as he's shown to be noncommittal in relationships in the past. It wasn't until Miller-Keyes came along that Unglert realized that maybe it's time to really get serious about possibly settling down. The relationship is still in its infancy, and surely, if it progresses further, a house - or at the very least a one-bedroom apartment - may be in store. The former pageant queen was uncertain if living in a van was going to work for her at first. Unlgert even said at one point during Bachelor in Paradise that she would be miserable being a part of that life. It wasn't until Unglert left her that he learned he was miserable without her in his life. Miller-Keyes' feelings for Unglert were too strong for any other relationship - or fears about ditching comfort for an itinerant lifestyle.

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In a minute-long video tour of his crib (via: Bachelor Nation), Unglert introduced Miller-Keyes to her new digs. It's complete with a full-size mattress and...well, really that's it. There's a mounted television, a set of drawers that Unglert said he built himself, and a bed frame on the roof so that Unglert has a place to sleep when he and Miller-Keyes get in a fight.

Unglert was smart enough to remember that Miller-Keyes has a lot of clothes and makeup that she will need to store in the van, so he came up with a plan, saying, "We're basically going to have to throw all that away because we don't have much room in here." He was thoughtful enough, however, to mention that there was a weighted blanket on his mattress to comfort Miller-Keyes from the anxiety that comes with being a nomad.

As fun as this little tour of Unglert's van is, the reality of the situation is that their life likely isn't as confined as Unglert presents. They are well-connected alums of Bachelor Nation, without a doubt free to crash on a bevy of beds in a plethora of homes if they so choose. They'll survive just fine in the Unglert crib. Now, will their relationship stand the test of time?

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Source: Bachelor Nation

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