Bachelor Nation Isn’t Thrilled Peter Weber Was Chosen Over Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson in The Bachelorette

Bachelor Nation isn’t thrilled that Peter Weber was chosen over Mike Johnson for The Bachelor. There has been a media campaign since the summer to make Johnson the next Bachelor, and to make history for the franchise.

Holy strawberries, Bachelor Nation, we’re in a jam! The next Bachelor has been revealed to be Peter Weber, a Bachelorette contestant who only made it to week nine in his season. Social media is reeling and exploding due to ABC announcing they have chosen another white lead. Twitter specifically has had some heated words for the network’s choice, saying that ABC had missed the mark completely. There have been 23 seasons of the Bachelor, and fans thought next season's choice could have been a game-changer.

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One of the major reasons fans feel let down was because the host, Chris Harrison, had said in an interview that Mike Johnson had a very strong shot of earning the Bachelor title. The host addressed that Johnson was a fan favorite and that his smile could win any woman over. The Bachelor host continued to praise Johnson’s attributes, saying that he would even consider him a very close friend. Even producer Mike Fliess took to social media to ask fans who they would like to see as their next Bachelor back in June, receiving an overwhelming response for Johnson.

Diehard fans have taken to Twitter to stand up for the looked over Johnson; memes of facepalming have taken over with captions such as “ Mood since we didn’t get Mike as the next Bachelor.”  Fans are absolutely outraged at the turn of events, but Johnson predicted that Weber would get the job. Johnson had said in an interview with ET that history would repeat its self, adding that Weber would be the safe choice for the network.

Other former cast members are sticking up for Johnson, too. Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay who was the first Bachelorette of color said she was disappointed with the franchise not choosing Johnson. She went on to say that fans have seen a bunch of ‘Peters’ before, and even though he was a very nice guy it should not solidify him the title of the next Bachelor.

It seemed that everyone was hoping for a change to the Bachelor Nation formula. If the social media outburst tells the network anything, it should let ABC know that fans want change, for television that represents the real world. The bottom line is that fans are tired of watching the same man get a chance to find love.

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