The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood Puts the Blame on Both Blake AND Caelynn

The Bachelor's Colton Underwood blames both Blake and Caelynn

Colton Underwood, recent star of The Bachelor, has put the blame on both Blake Horstmann and Caelynn Miller-Keyes for the way they've handled their drama on Bachelor in Paradise in the aftermath of their hookup at Stagecoach Music Festival in April. Horstmann and Miller-Keyes have tried to defend themselves on social media following the backlash each of them faced, but Underwood said neither one of them came out of it looking like the protagonist in the story.

Stagecoach was so central to the events that unraveled on Bachelor in Paradise that season six should have simply been named "Stagecoach 2." Horstmann slept with Kristina Schulman one night, then Miller-Keyes the next. He showed up to Paradise assuming that he and Miller-Keyes had decided that they were not going to pursue a relationship and were free to see other people. Miller-Keyes had understood the situation differently, and she, as well as the edit, portrayed Horstmann as a villain. In response, Horstmann posted a bunch of text exchanges between himself and Miller-Keyes on his Instagram story to prove that the night they spent at Stagecoach was not meant to be misconstrued as a relationship. Horstmann soon took these down after seeing the negative comments that were suddenly thrown Miller-Keyes' way. Miller-Keyes then defended herself on social media, leading the audience to be more confused than angry at the entire ordeal.

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Underwood, in an interview with People, said that he thinks neither one of them deserves full benefit of the doubt in this situation. He said, “I think they both will admit that. They both could have handled the situation much better." Underwood has experienced the challenges of going through not only The Bachelor, but also Bachelor in Paradise. He was criticized for the way he managed his relationship with Tia Booth before breaking up with her and leaving on his own accord.

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To Horstmann and Miller-Keyes, Underwood said he hoped they could come together after this and still support one another. He added,  "I just hope that they’re both doing okay and handling all this, because it’s not easy to go through.” Since Underwood and girlfriend Cassie Randolph were also at Stagecoach in the same group, he said the controversy that has unfolded has put them in an awkward position. Underwood said, “We both have sort of just been staying out of it and staying low-key with it all."

Having been through this experience once before, Underwood is smart to offer his honest opinion without attacking either of the contestants. He knows as well as anybody that what he sees on television is not always the full scoop of what happened. Rather than label either one of them as a bad person as many others have, Underwood has taken the high road. He's recognized that as long as his interviews don't stir up too much hoopla, he can continue to develop his relationship with Randolph with as few distractions as possible.

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Source: People

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