Ben Higgins Teases Future Engagement to Post-Bachelor Show Girlfriend

Ben Higgins- The Bachelor

Former The Bachelor star Ben Higgins recently revealed that he’s got the wedding bug, and has teased engagement with Jessica Clarke. Ben was formerly unlucky in love, but now believes he has found a true companion in his current girlfriend.

Ben has bee open about his love for Jessica, admitting that she has inspired him to become a better person. Initially, Ben was hesitant to reveal the identity of his new lady, but eventually announced they were dating in January when the couple made it official on Instagram. The social media platform was where he first encountered Jessica. It was by chance that he came across her profile while looking for Nashville hockey game posts. He sent her a direct message around Thanksgiving 2018, and luckily, Jessica reciprocated his affections, leading to a face-to-face meeting that following December.

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Now secure in his present relationship, the possibility of Ben and Jessica tying the knot may not be unlikely. According to Us Weekly, he revealed that his mind has been on marriage ever since two of his best friends began wedding preparations for their summer ceremony in Rhode Island. Ben said he was inspired by seeing how confident his two friends have become as they advance toward their special day. Though he confessed that now may not be the best time for him and Jessica to get engaged, he said that the two have "some timelines set," adding, “We still do long distance and we are going to talk about next steps in August."

The Bachelor Ben Higgins and girlfriend Jessica Clarke

Ben was originally a contestant on season 11 of The Bachelorette where he was eliminated in the eighth week, placing third; and on an episode of Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise, Ben was announced as the next Bachelor. Ben’s last public relationship was with The Bachelor contestant Lauren Bushnell, whom he proposed to during the 2016 series finale. The pair starred in their own spinoff, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?, but ended their relationship in May 2017.

In light of the state of his last public relationship, it is understandable that Ben would desire to take things slow, even if he is happy and in love. While he and Lauren looked to be a well-matched pair, the reality was a lot more unpleasant. Luckily, both parties have moved on in what was an amicable split. Desiring a marriage does not mean a couple is ready for one, as past contestants from The Bachelor can attest to.

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Source: Us Weekly

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