The Bachelor's Ashley Iaconetti's 2 Princess-Inspired Wedding Dresses

Ashley Iaconetti in Bachelor in Paradise


The Bachelor's Ashley Iaconetti has wed her soulmate, The Bachelorette's Jared Haibon, and the bride had two princess-inspired wedding dresses. The couple, who fell in love on the beaches of Mexico on Bachelor in Paradise, has finally had their dream wedding.

Ashley - better known as Ashley I. - debuted as a contestant on The Bachelor in season 19 in 2015, meanwhile; Jared was starring on the 11th season of The Bachelorette the same year. The two obviously didn't find love and were sent off to season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, and they were on and off and ended up dating other people during the show and between the seasons. However, Ashley was hung up on Jared and actually became known on The Bachelor in Paradise for being the girl obsessed with him, who continuously denied her affections. Nearly three years after all of the heartbreak, the two came back together on season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise for a guest visit in 2018, where nearly three years after meeting on the same beaches, Jared got down on one knee to propose to her.

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The happy Bachelor in Paradise couple walked down the aisle on Sunday in Newport, Rhode Island in front of close friends and family. The bride, Ashley, didn't have just one beautiful princess-inspired gown, but two. She described to Us Weekly that she would have two gowns for her big day, saying fans could expect to see two "princess gowns," hinting that "one is cleaner and one is more ... Victorian-esque." Ashley posted a photo on her Instagram of the gown worn at the ceremony, seen below:

The "Victorian-esque" dress was the one she wore to the ceremony. The classic princess ball gown had a bodice cinched tight at the waist and flowed out with several layers of tulle into a long train. She paired the dress with a simple and classic look - hair half-up-half down with gold earrings. The second dress, the one described as "cleaner," was the dress that Ashley changed into before the reception. The pure white satin dress was more movable than the ceremony dress, but still in the same princess style.

The pair had a rocky start and it took time for them to realize that they were right for each other all along, but the Bachelor in Paradise pair finally got their fairytale wedding. As the current season of Bachelor in Paradise is underway, it seems there is more drama than love currently going on with all of the betrayals and love triangles/pentagons. That said, Ashley and Jared proved that there is always hope.

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Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm EST on ABC.

Source: Us Weekly, Ashley Iaconetti

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