What The Baby-Sitters Club Cast Looks Like Now

Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Dawn Schafer, Claudia Kishi, Stacey McGill, Mallory Pike, and Jessi Ramsey are better known as The Baby-Sitters Club.

It’s been 22 years since the gang graced the big screen in the movie adaptation of the popular novel series, but they're still everyone's dream best friends.

The movie has become a '90s cult classic, receiving positive reviews from critics, and holding a 64% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, even if it fared badly at the box-office during its theatrical release.

The movie’s family friendly, relatable plot is what made it such a big hit, with the actual babysitting club being a sub-plot to the drama of being a teenage girl. Covering everything from family problems (Kristy’s estranged father) to boy trouble (13-year-old Stacey’s relationship with 17-year-old Luca), it summed up those teenage years to a tee.

For fans of the movie, it’s interesting to know the backstory to their favorite character’s portrayer; their acting roots, and where they’ve been and what they’ve been up to for the past 20-something years. Whether it’s staying in the limelight, getting behind the camera, or living a normal life away from fame. And, some might say more importantly, What The Baby-Sitters Club Cast Looks Like Now.

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15 Kristy Thomas (Schuyler Fisk)

Schuyler Fisk’s acting debut was in The Baby-Sitters Club, as the main character in the movie, and the leader of the Club. This big break led to a short acting career for her during her younger years, starring in 2000’s Snow Day as Lane Leonard, and as a supporting character, Ashley, in Orange County (2002) opposite Jack Black. She’s also had some minor TV roles throughout her career.

Nowadays though, she still appears in small roles in films and TV, but she’s more about the music than acting. She signed with Universal Records back in 2004, and released her debut demo with Joshua Radin. She’s become a proficient voice in the folk genre, scoring a #1 album on the iTunes Folk Charts in 2009. Fisk plays in the band Me And My Brother, with Carl Anderson and Sam Wilson, though neither of them are her brothers.

14 Stacey McGill (Bre Blair)

Bre is another member of The BSC who got her big break in the now-cult classic. The Baby-Sitters Club was her first major role, and led to her non-stop acting career that's continued right up to today.

After The Baby-Sitters Club, she too had a five year break before returning to acting, in 2000’s slasher flick Cherry Falls. She’s working in every genre between then and now, from teen romance TV anthology series Undressed (2001), to basketball movie Ball Don’t Lie (2008), and everything in between, proving she’s a talented actress that can adapt to any part.

More recently, again proving she can play just about any role, she appeared in The CW’s The Flash (2015) as Tess Morgan, in a main role in drama Game Of Silence (2016), medical drama The Night Shift (2016), and appeared alongside Will Arnett in comedy series Flaked (2017).

13 Mary Anne Spier (Rachael Leigh Cook)

Rachael Lee Cook played Mary Anne Spier, the Club’s secretary, who is given the job due to her amazing organizational skills and neat handwriting. Another actress whose first acting role was The Baby-Sitters Club, Cook is also another member of the cast who kept acting in the years since her debut.

She’s appeared in everything from She's All That (1999), to Josie and the Pussycats (2001), to Team Unicorn (2013), and even had a long-lasting role in Robot Chicken from 2006-2016.

She’s also been a successful model, as cover girl for FHM in 2000; and starring in music videos for New Found Glory's 2000 single "Dressed to Kill" and singer Daniel Powter's "Love You Lately". In 2002, she was ranked No. 26 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World".

12 Dawn Schafer (Larisa Oleynik)

Larisa Oleynik already had quite the acting resume before The Baby-Sitters Club. She began acting aged eight, in a San Francisco production of Les Misérables in 1989 after seeing an audition ad in a newspaper, scoring two singing roles in the musical. After this she began acting lessons, and got herself an agent, first appearing onscreen aged 12, in an episode of  Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Around the same time as The Baby-Sitters Club, she appeared in several episodes of Boy Meets World, wrote an advice column for teen girl magazine, Tiger Beat, and was involved in several children’s charities including Nickelodeon's The Big Help. After BSC, Oleynik is probably best known for her starring turn in The Secret World of Alex Mack, where she played the titular character, and her supporting role in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Oleynik still appears on the big and small screen today, as well as in live theater. Most recently she appeared in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and will appear in three films later this year: Animal Among Us, Accommodations, and Wandering Off.

11 Margarite "Cokie" Mason (Marla Sokoloff)

Marla Sokoloff was already well into her acting career, with both Boy Meets World and a fairly major role in Full House under her belt, before The Baby-Sitters Club.

She started her acting career in 1993’s romantic black comedy, So I Married An Axe Murderer, in an uncredited role, before her big break in the two cult classic shows and one cult classic movie.

In 2000 she appeared alongside Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott in Dude, Where’s My Car?, in 2001 she played Joey’s pregnant sister in a season 8 episode of Friends, and has starred in many drama and comedy movies and TV shows to date.

In 2016 she reprised her role as Gia Mahan in the Netflix original series sequel to Full House, Fuller House, starring in one episode.

10 Claudia Kishi (Tricia Joe)

The complete opposite of her fellow Baby-Sitters Club members, the movie was actually Tricia Joe’s last acting role before she disappeared from the limelight to live a normal life.

Her first role was in a 1991 episode of American Playhouse, “Hot Summer Winds”. Tricia starred in one episode of the anthology series, playing Yoneko, a young Japanese girl growing up on a farm amidst a mixture of traditional Japanese customs and American popular culture.

Joe’s next role was a minor one in satirical comedy-drama I'll Do Anything (1994), playing the Rainbow House Child. Then came The BSC movie.

Not much is known about what Joe is up to these days. Besides her limited acting career, she earned a degree in dance at Fullerton College in 1999, and another in Criminal Justice from California State University in Long Beach. She still resides in the Los Angeles area.

9 Mallory Pike (Stacey Linn Ramsower)

Stacey Linn Ramsower didn’t do much acting after The Baby-Sitters Club either, appearing in one TV movie after her role as the Junior Officer of the BSC.

She had a couple of roles prior to The Baby-Sitters Club. Her first was in several episodes of Hey Dude (1989-1991), a Western comedy series for Nickelodeon, set on a fictional dude ranch near Tuscan, Arizona. She then appeared in Sam Raimi’s romantic thriller, The Quick And The Dead in 1995, as the younger version of Sharon Stone’s character, Ellen.

Perhaps her biggest role alongside The Baby-Sitters Club was in Tank Girl, as Sam, Tank Girl's young pal who is kidnapped and forced to work in a brothel. After that she appeared in TV horror movie, Terminal (1996).

Nowadays she’s a Yoga instructor, and very vocal about how yoga and meditation can improve every aspect of your life, especially your sex life, on her blog.

8 Jessi Ramsey (Zelda Harris)

Zelda Harris has had a few appearances on screen since The BSC, and had a few before it too. She started her acting career in 1991, in TV drama I’ll Fly Away, with her next role being a small one in Law And Order (1994).

She then appeared in probably the biggest role of her career, as Troy in Crooklyn (1994), Spike Lee's semi-autobiographical portrait of a school teacher, her stubborn jazz musician husband, and their five kids living in Brooklyn in 1973. This is one role Harris seems to hold dear to her heart, showing her pride all over her Instagram.

Most recently Harris starred as the lead character in short movie Afro-Woman: 2016 CE, a dark, strange psychological trip following a woman fighting two different versions of herself.

7 Rosie Wilder (Vanessa Zima)

The Baby-Sitters Club was Vanessa Zima’s first movie, and spawned her acting career that still stands today.

After The BSC, she had a recurring role in legal drama Murder One, and followed this with appearances in both films and television series. More recently she was set to play Manson family member, Katie Krenwinkel, in film Manson Girls, but the movie has been stuck in pre-production limbo since 2012. She appeared in television movie Killing Mommy (2016), along with her sister, Yvonne.

Zima comes from a family of actresses, with her sisters Madeline and Yvonne also making a career for themselves as actresses. Madeline has starred in the likes of Gilmore Girls, Vampire Diaries, and Twin Peaks, and Yvonne has appeared in ER, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Castle.

A random fact about Vanessa is that her eyes are different colors; her right eye is brown and the left one is hazel.

6 Luca (Christian Oliver)

Before The BSC, Christian starred in the spin-off to another '90s cult classic, Saved by the Bell: The New Class.

Christian is German, born in Celle, and grew up in Frankfurt am Main. He relocated to the USA to work as a model, but ended up taking acting lessons in New York and Los Angeles, scoring him his roles on the big and small screen.

After The BSC, he appeared in both American and German movies and TV shows, including a recurring role in popular German cop drama, Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei (2002–2004).

In 2011, he appeared in The Three Musketeers movie, alongside Milla Jovovich, Luke Evans, and Orlando Bloom, and also appeared in sci-fi drama Sense8 (2015), and sci-fi time travel movie Timeless, in 2016.

5 Elizabeth Thomas Brewer (Brooke Adams)

Brooke Adams was already a massively well established actress before The Baby-Sitters Club. Her first roles were uncredited, as a nurse in horror classic Murders in the Rue Morgue (1971) and another cult classic, The Great Gatsby (1974) as a party guest. She later appeared in horror classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) and 1979’s British crime film, The First Great Train Robbery.

Brooke’s career seemed to focus on horrors and heist movies, with her also appearing in A Man, a Woman and a Bank (1979) and The Dead Zone (1983). She also appeared in Frasier (1995) and several episodes of Monk from 2002-2008.

Her last movie role was 2009’s Gary's Walk, in which she played Marcia; but she is still acting on TV, recently playing Senator Diane Vaynerchuk, in political satire sci-fi comedy-drama, BrainDead (2016).

4 Logan Bruno (Austin O’Brien)

Austin O'Brien is another member of The Baby-Sitters Club who had his acting career well under-way before The BSC movie. His first role was in sci-fi horror, The Lawnmower Man (1992), as Peter Parkette, alongside Pierce Brosnan (as well as its sequel). He then starred in classic fantasy action comedy, Last Action Hero (1993), with Arnold Schwarzenegger as his co-star.

His longest-lasting role was in Promised Land (1996–1999), the spin-off of Touched By An Angel, in which O'Brien also appeared (1996–1998). He played Josh Greene, the teenage son of main protagonist, Russell, who is on a divine mission.

Much like several of his BSC castmates, he hasn’t done much recently, with his biggest role of recent years being an episode of crime-procedural drama, Bones, in 2008. More recently he’s appeared in two short movies, action-comedy TV short, Cowl Girl (2015), and horror short, All Our Yesterdays (2015).

3 Emily Haberman (Ellen Burstyn)

Ellen Burstyn was already well into her acting career when she appeared in The Baby-Sitters Club, with her first role in an episode of Kraft Theatre in 1958. She recently appeared in recurring roles in Louie (2014) and House of Cards (2016), showing she’s not just a seasoned actress, but one who can turn her hand to any genre.

If that wasn’t proof enough at her talent, she’s one of few actresses to have the Triple Crown of Acting for Emmy, Tony, and Academy Award wins. She’s won two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie, for: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (2009) and Political Animals (2013). Her Academy Award and Tony Award both came in 1975, for Best Actress – Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore and Best Actress in a Play – Same Time, Next Year, respectively. She also won a Golden Globe for her role in the 1978 film version of the play.

And at 84, she shows no signs of slowing her career down, with six projects in the pipeline.

2 Alan Gray (Allan Michael Metchik)

Allan Michael Metchik started acting in 1991, with a role in TV movie, Big Deals. His next role was a recurring one as Steven Floyd Torkelson in the first season of The Torkelsons. His role was cut when the show was was retooled and renamed Almost Home for its second season, with Steven apparently never existing.

The Baby-Sitters Club is one of Metchik’s few big screen appearances, along with 1996 crime drama comedy, Feeling Minnesota, and drama short movie, Pumpkin Hill (1999).

Metchik has done his fair share of voice acting over the years, in Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Life with Louie, and Disney’s Hercules, as well as a recurring role as the voice of Jack Pumpkinhead Jr. in The Oz Kids movies from 1996-1997. His most recent role was in romantic comedy, More Than Stars, in 2012.

1 Patrick Thomas (Peter Horton)

Peter Horton started his acting career in 1979’s The White Shadow TV Series, but is more well known for his recurring role in show Thirtysomething (1987-1991), as Gary Shepherd. During his run on Thirtysomething, People magazine named him one of the "50 Most Beautiful People".

Patrick made his debut as a producer in 1997, on the TV movie Murder Live!, and went on to produce Reconstruction and The Body Politic (which he also co-created), Grey's Anatomy, and Six Degrees. Before that he started directing in 1985, with his first foray behind the camera on one episode of the ABC Afterschool Specials show. He’s worked on The Shield, Thirtysomething, The Wonder Years, Once and Again, and directed the pilot for Grey's Anatomy.

Even though he hasn’t appeared in front of the camera since a 2012 appearance on CSI:NY, he has the Alien Life documentary (producer) and one episode of Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams TV series (director) in the pipeline.


Which member of The Baby-Sitters Club are you still a fan of today? Let us know in the comments!

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