Babylon A.D. Poster, Images, Clips And Trailer Round-Up

Except it seems we haven't.

For some reason, amidst the Dark Knights, Iron Mans, Watchmen and Indy 4s, this one has slipped through the cracks. Well here's our "catch up post" for Babylon A.D.

In the movie, Vin Diesel returns to the big screen as a mercenary transporting a woman who unknown to him carries a genetically modified organism. Looks to me like the sort of role that Diesel was born to play. The film also stars Michelle Yeoh.

Not too much is known about this French-made film, but the online movie community is pulling for it and hoping that it will turn out to be a great film despite the fact it hasn't had a ton of promotion. To me there's a tiny bit of a Children of Men vibe to it, although I realize it's a completely different sort of film.

Since we've been lagging in coverage, I'm going to dogpile a bunch of posters, the trailer and clips right here for ya.

Vin Diesel in Babylon A.D.

Vin Diesel in a precarious postion in Babylon A.D.

Vin Diesel on the streets of some eastern European city

Vin Diesel admiring his gun in a scene from Babylon A.D.

Babylon A.D. poster

Babylon A.D. international poster

Finally here are a couple of TV clips and the international trailer for Babylon A.D.


Whew! That should pretty much bring you up to speed!

So what are your thoughts on this movie based on what you've seen so far?

Babylon A.D. opens on August 29th.

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