Baby Yoda Joins The Avengers in Hilarious Endgame Video

Baby Yoda from Star Wars' wildly-successful Disney+ series The Mandalorian teams up with The Avengers in a hilarious new fan-made video.

Baby Yoda from Star Wars' Disney+ series The Mandalorian teams up with The Avengers in a hilarious fan-made video. The highly-anticipated Star Wars series made its official debut when the streaming service launched on November 12. Although it was initially met with mixed reviews, the show has gradually begun to gain traction as more episodes have been released. Regardless of what critics have had to say, viewers from all over have been able to bond over one adorable little part of the show: Baby Yoda.

The small creature, termed "The Child" in the series, took the world by storm after appearing at the very end of episode 1. Although he isn't actually the baby version of Yoda, he is an infant of his species and has grown to become a fan-favorite character in the show. Many viewers have also wondered what role he plays in the show's overall narrative. Considering Baby Yoda was left out of all marketing leading up to the show's release, his reveal was a shocking and wonderful surprise. So, as fans wait for future episodes to figure out what his purpose is, the internet has had a heydey creating adorable fan art and edits of the sweet little green creature. One video, in particular, places Baby Yoda in the final moments of this year's monumentally successful Marvel film, Avengers: Endgame.

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YouTuber stryder HD created a hilarious video edit that puts Baby Yoda in the climactic final fight between Thanos and The Avengers in Endgame. As Captain America gears up to attempt to take down Thanos on his own, he hears the sounds of Baby Yoda. Then, the little creature enters the fray through one of the portals behind him, looking as adorable as ever. Not only that, but the final moments of the video see Baby Yoda fully prepared for a fight, lightsaber and all. Check out the full video below.

Both Star Wars and Marvel films have been major moneymakers for Disney over the past few years. This year alone, Avengers: Endgame beat out Avatar's decade-long record to become the highest-grossing movie of all time. Not only that, but Disney matched its own record this year by passing $3 billion at the domestic box office. With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker still on the horizon as well, Disney is sure to break even more records going into the new year. If anything, not only is this video a funny edit of two of their biggest franchises, but it also shows that both of these are successful for a reason and will always be beloved by fans the world over.

This mashup perfectly brings together the worlds of Marvel and Star Wars in a hilarious 40-second video. Baby Yoda has been a wonderful addition to the Star Wars universe that fans and creators alike have grown to adore. With four episodes to go in season 1 of The Mandalorian, fans can surely expect to see more of Baby Yoda in action and learn even more about what his purpose is. Until then, the wonderful fan art and edits are a perfect way to keep the Baby Yoda fever going.

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Source: stryder HD

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