Oh Baby... Iron Man 2 In IMAX And 3D?

This will be my face if I get to watch Iron Man 2 in IMAX 3D

Oh man, oh man, oh man... I really hope Jon Favreau gets his way with this (and I'm betting he will!).

At a press conference promoting the Iron Man DVD (which you can win here) and the Blu-Ray version, Favreau talked a bit about Iron Man 2 - and boy did he have some stuff to say that will geek out fans of the first film!

At this point this is just talk and NOT confirmed - but my gut tells me that at least one of these, if not both will come true:

Director Jon Favreau wants to shoot Iron Man 2 at least partially in IMAX and would love to do it in 3D as well.

After seeing the IMAX footage of the The Dark Knight Favreau decided that he'd like to do the same for the next movie about our favorite Armored Avenger. Regarding 3D, he wants to do it. He talked about how cool it would be to see the armor in 3D on the big screen (SWEET!) but the limiting factor would be cost.

Regarding the new buzz catchphrase "dark superhero movie": Favreau will have none of that. He said he'll leave that to the Batman series and wants to keep Iron Man more of a light, fun franchise. There was also talk of the Mandarin and War Machine (the attack armor worn by Rhodey in the comics), but nothing specific. For more details head over to

Given that Iron Man earned $570 million worldwide and that the first sequel to superhero films tend to make close to the same as the first one, I don't think that budget will be an issue when it comes to 3D. Especially given the fact that both the IMAX and the 3D angle tend to give a big boost to box office numbers.

So... is this awesome or is this awesome? :-)

Source: IESB and Collider (within seconds of each other!)

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