Baby Driver International Trailer #2: Edgar Wright Hits the Gas Pedal

The second international trailer is here for Edgar Wright's musically-inclined crime/action film, Baby Driver. Wright broke out onto the scene with 2004's zombie comedy, Shaun of the Dead and has gone on to continuously prove himself as one of the most talented and singular directors of his generation. After departing Marvel's Ant-Man back in 2014, though, it's been almost four years since Wright's last film, The World's End, was released in theaters. Despite his consistent critical acclaim, Wright has never quite been able to break out onto the mainstream like some of his fellow contemporaries.

Luckily, it looks like that might all change later this year when Baby Driver speeds into theaters smack dab in the center of the summer season. Written and directed by Wright, Baby Driver is a film truly unlike any other; taking a typical story about a getaway driver who's desperate to get out of his crime-filled life and turning it into a "musical" film that's always set to some kind of musical playlist. This means that literally everything in a scene, including the movement, action, and dialogue, are all edited to the beat and rhythm of whatever song is playing in Baby Driver.

Following the release of both Baby Driver's first U.S. and international trailers, Sony Pictures unveiled yet another international preview for Baby Driver online this morning. It doesn't necessarily reveal any more story or plot details than the previous two trailers did, but the promo does offer even more glimpses at some of the film's quirky humor and high-stakes action sequences. Check out the new Baby Driver trailer for yourself in the space above.

Baby Driver (2017) - Ansel Elgort

There had been a fair amount of hype surrounding Baby Driver within the film community, basically, from the moment it was announced Wright would be making it into his next film. That excitement has only grown since the film enjoyed its world premiere at the SXSW film festival back in March, almost four months before its original theatrical release date. Baby Driver was met with overwhelmingly positive praise from both critics and casual moviegoers alike following its debut, with many calling it one of Wright's best movies to date.

As a result of that early buzz and positive word of mouth, Sony went ahead and moved Baby Driver's release date up from its original August date to a late June launch instead, likely in the hopes of capturing more attention and financial success for the film. That may prove to be either a good or bad decision on the studio's part. The June release date means Baby Driver is arriving at a time when audiences are going to the theater more than they are during any other time of the year, but also puts it up against more direct competition than it had in its original release window (see Transformers: The Last Knight opening less than a week earlier).

This wouldn't be the first time that a studio has bet big on one of Wright's films by any means, but hopefully, Baby Driver will be the one that finally propels the filmmaker into being more of a household name - rather than someone for just diehard film buffs to sing the praises of.

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Source: Sony Pictures

Key Release Dates
  • Baby Driver (2017) release date: Jun 28, 2017
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