Edgar Wright Predicted Baby Driver's Oscar Nominations In 2014

Baby Driver writer/director Edgar Wright predicted his film would receive an Oscar nomination in at least one of the sound categories back in 2014. The crime flick was one of the biggest hits this past summer, earning raves for its stylish presentation and slick action sequences. As many know by now, the set pieces are edited to Wright's catchy soundtrack selections, enthralling audiences with the sounds of "Bellbottoms," "Hocus Pocus," and more. Baby Driver went on to become the most commercially successful film of Wright's career, grossing $107.8 million domestically.

Unfortunately for Wright fans, Baby Driver was never much of a player in the major awards categories this season, but it did find a spot in a handful of technical races. This morning, the film received nominations in Best Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Sound Editing, marking the first time one of Wright's movies was recognized by the Academy. As it turns out, the director was able to see the future and knew Baby Driver was poised for greatness years before it was released.

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As Wright celebrates Baby Driver's accomplishments, he took to Twitter to share the first couple of pages from the movie's second draft. He included a director's note that stated, "This is a movie about someone who cannot function without music, so this screenplay is just the road map to a film which should, at the very least, be nominated for one of the sound categories at the 2016 Oscars. I don't mind which."

Wright was slightly off with the timing in his prediction, but this still shows he knew exactly what he was working with in Baby Driver. Though many were disappointed when the director parted ways with Marvel Studios on Ant-Man in the summer of 2014, that ultimately proved to be a blessing in disguise. Baby Driver was the perfect showcase for Wright's filmmaking sensibilities and creativity, offering audiences a different kind of heist movie with a unique concept. Its success was so monumental, there's even been talk of a sequel, which Wright would direct if it comes to pass. He's also developing an adaptation of the novel Grasshopper Jungle, described as an "interesting" take on the coming-of-age subgenre. With his newfound clout, Wright shouldn't have any problems lining up a new project quickly.

Baby Driver faces stiff competition in the tech categories (most notably from Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk), but it still has a great shot at winning. Its innovative use of music/sound and meticulous editing helped it stand out, and cinephiles have shown a deep appreciation for all its details the past several months. No one will ever accuse Baby Driver of being your traditional "Oscar bait," but Wright apparently had his sights set on particular categories from the very start. Hopefully his team takes home an award or two on Oscar Sunday.

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Baby Driver is now available on digital and Blu-ray.

Source: Edgar Wright

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