Baby Driver Video Breaks Down Edgar Wright's Bank-Robbery Flick

A new featurette for Baby Driver breaks down the characters and plot of Edgar Wright's upcoming musically-inclined crime flick.

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After years away, writer/director Edgar Wright is finally back with his unique twist on the heist film in this year's Baby Driver. Over the years, Wright has gone from a cult favorite to one of Hollywood's most respected auteurs thanks to his comedic yet heartfelt send-ups of genre tropes. Sean of the Dead saw him take on the zombie movie, Hot Fuzz poked fun at American-style action films, and The World's End took a crack at the apocalypse. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, meanwhile, merged comic book and video game movies with a coming of age story for one of the most unique fantasy films in modern memory.

Following his fruitless effort to put his spin on Ant-Man for Marvel, Wright is finally back with an original story that's been years in the making. Baby Driver will see him gather together a disparate group of colorful characters to pull of a series of heists, but with a fittingly Wright-ian twist. The titular getaway drive, known as Baby, prefers doing his job to the beat of his iPod to help him drown out his tinnitus. It's a small detail, but one that will allow Wright to put music front and center, much as James Gunn has with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

For those keen on learning more about the film, Sony Pictures have just released a new feature. In it, clips from Baby Driver are combined with interviews featuring the cast and Wright all discussing the unique position young Baby finds himself in during the events of the film. While the most recent TV spot and international trailer have shown us the broad strokes of the story and teased the action of the film, the featurette provides some more context for the main character and how the story will unfold around him.

Baby Driver (2017) - Ansel Elgort

Following the movie's premiere at SXSW earlier this year, the first trailer for Baby Driver got general moviegoers supercharged for the latest offering from Wright. Following the good press, the film was bumped up to arrive earlier in the summer, ensuring fans wouldn't have to wait as long to learn all about Baby and his crew.

While Wright's films have never done huge numbers at the box office, critics and fans have praised each of his films for their humor, action, and reverence for the films that have inspired them. While Hot Fuzz allowed Wright to fully explore action and the criminal world, Baby Driver looks to take a slightly more intimate and dramatic approach to telling a story. If it's anything like Wright's other films, however, Baby Driver be one entertaining ride.

Source: Sony Pictures

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