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A new motion poster for Baby Driver has arrived, and it highlights the movie's "killer" soundtrack. Thanks to the Cornetto trilogy -- Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End -- as well as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Edgar Wright has slingshotted from being a cult favorite to a visionary director. His unique directing style is unmistakable, and we see that front and center in his new film, Baby Driver.

It's been a few years since Wright's last effort, The World's End, hit theaters. He returns to the big screen this summer with Baby Driver, an original tale about a young getaway driver, Baby (Ansel Elgort), who is forced to participate in a doomed heist by a mysterious kingpin (Kevin Spacey) so that he may escape with his life and the woman of his dreams, Deborah (Lily James).

Baby Driver releases next month and TriStar Pictures has kicked the film's marketing into high gear by releasing a new motion poster that displays the movie's cast. Set to the iconic tune of "Nowhere To Run" by Martha Reeves and The Vandellas (which was also present in the film's first trailer), the poster first introduces Elgort's Baby, the film's main character, then moves onto the supporting cast: James, Jon Hamm, and Eiza Gonzalez. Spacey and Jaime Foxx are highlighted last, with list of cast members closing out the motion poster.

On June 28th, all you need is one killer track. #BabyDriverMovie only in theaters. Tap to see the full poster!

— Baby Driver (@BabyDriverMovie) May 11, 2017

Edgar Wright spent years developing Ant-Man for Marvel Studios, but they both went their separate ways in 2014 as a result of creative differences. Peyton Reed ended up taking over the project, which freed up time for Wright to finally move forward on Baby Driver, a film he's spent considerably more time developing than Ant-Man.

The director first conceived the idea for Baby Driver over two decades ago -- in 1994 -- while he was laying down in his bedroom, daydreaming, and listening to the John Spencer Blues Explosion song “Bellbottoms” when he thought to himself: "that would make a great car chase song." All these years later, Wright's vision of that car chase, as well as a character who is described as being "Mozart in a go-kart," will finally see the light of day in just a few weeks.

Baby Driver was slated to release in August, but after receiving overwhelming acclaim following its world premiere at SXSW earlier this year, the studio moved up the film's release date to June. Shortly after that, a new TV spot and a new trailer debuted, as well as a featurette that goes behind the film's production. Since the studio shifted release dates, we should probably expect more posters like the one above.

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Source: TriStar Pictures

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