Baby Driver International Trailer: Baby Is Kevin Spacey's Lucky Charm

Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver

After concluding his Cornetto trilogy in 2013 with the apocalyptic comedy The World's End, director Edgar Wright is back with a new film called Baby Driver. While the project features the filmmaker's trademark sense of humor, it's more of a crime/thriller endeavor, centering around the exploits of young getaway driver Baby (Ansel Elgort) who falls in love with a waitress and looks for a way to leave the underworld life behind - much to the chagrin of his associates. As Baby tires to make his next job his last, he comes to blows with his employers.

Baby Driver recently had its premiere at the SXSW film festival, where it received an enthusiastic response from attendees. Sony used that opportunity to begin the marketing campaign in full, releasing the first official trailer. Now, the studio has unveiled an international preview online, which you can watch above.

When compared to the domestic trailer, this one reveals some new footage for viewers to see. The opening is a display of Baby's unique abilities, as he's able to hear the entire heist plan from Doc (Kevin Spacey) despite having headphones in. Baby suffers from a condition called tinnitus, which causes a constant humming in his ears. Playing music throughout the day helps drown it out, and also makes him a valuable ally for Doc's operation. The two seem to have a fascinating dynamic, and Doc is not too keen on seeing Baby drive away. After all, who wants to lose their lucky charm?

Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver

While Baby Driver definitely features a multitude of characters with questionable morals, Wright does everything he can to make Baby a relatable and likable protagonist. His motivations for becoming a getaway driver are unclear, but he does have a kind heart. The moment where he returns an old lady's purse (after stealing her car at gunpoint) is an illustration of that trait and the film's comedic approach. Once again, the action sequences highlighted are standout, teasing cinephiles with a new kind of car chase movie that's sure to exhilarate for its entire running time.

The trailer is also a showcase for some more catchy tunes that will probably be on the soundtrack. Wright has a knack for finding great songs to use for his films, and odds are he'll outdo himself with Baby Driver. Since every scene in the movie is driven by music, that aspect is of much importance. Star-Lord may have his Awesome Mixtapes, but by the time this summer is over, many are going to want to get their hands on Baby's iPod and go speeding down the freeway themselves. Based on the early reviews, the music really elevates the final product, so hopefully the movie delivers on all fronts.

Source: Sony/TriStar

Key Release Dates
  • Baby Driver (2017) release date: Jun 28, 2017
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