Baby Driver Honest Trailer: Edgar Wright's 22 Year Obsession Pays Off

Baby Driver, Edgar Wright's latest film, has finally received the Honest Trailers treatment from the Screen Junkies team.

As everyone's favorite musical of 2017, Baby Driver was a roaring return to form from Edgar Wright after The World's End in 2013. In between projects, Wright was hired and fired for his adaptation of Ant-Man, which ultimately didn't fit Marvel's vision for the MCU. Thank goodness for that though, because we never would have gotten the magic that is Baby Driver. Wright has famously been obsessed with the story of Baby Driver for the past 22 years, which is probably why this movie looks like it's been so lovingly crafted. And now we get to be obsessed with it until he releases the next greatest film he's ever made.

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In their latest Honest Trailer, Screen Junkies have a bit of fun with the intellectual's The Fast and The Furious. For starters, there's a hilarious removal of "a pre-scandal" Kevin Spacey by superimposing Christopher Plummer's head over all of Spacey's shots in this piece, which then becomes a recurring bit. There's also some deconstruction of Baby's adeptness at being a criminal, complete with his lack of driving gloves, a change of clothes and neck tattoos. Plus, he's even got that "a-dork-able" music studio that "could date Zooey Deschanel," which is pretty great.

Of course, it would be hard to ignore Baby Driver's soundtrack, as it is easily one of the better things about this film. Even if no knew these songs before the film was released, everyone does now. There's also a great little joke about Deb being the stand-in for Baby's mother, which might be too accurate. Also, how great is that OK Go reference? There are also some earned references to Drive, starring another "mostly silent heartthrob with a signature jacket in the movie with 'drive' in the title."

While despite not actually driving any babies, Baby Driver is Wright's most successful film to date by quite a bit. Not only did this film elevate the action genre, it also solidified Wright as a household name, and it will be shocking, as well as a little disappointing, if this film doesn't allow him to do whatever he wants going forward. He's had an incredible career thus far, but this film was a different beast altogether. It has incredible action, fantastic practical stunts and an outrageously fun soundtrack, and then it even received three Oscar nominations.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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