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It's time to meet the gang of criminals at the center of Baby Driver with some brand new character posters. Coming from director and writer Edgar Wright, Baby Driver marks the end of a four-year-long wait since Wright's last film, The World's End was released in theaters, which brought a fitting conclusion to his beloved Cornetto Trilogy. And in many ways, Baby Driver promises to be Wright's most ambitious film to date, incorporating real musical tracks into the action set pieces and even editing beats of the actual film itself, as Ansel Elgort's titular getaway driver maneuvers and swerves his way through the film's various robberies.

But it's also important to note that Baby Driver has Wright working with an entirely new set of actors, none of whom have appeared in any of his previous films. Led by Elgort, the film features inarguably the most star-studded cast of any of Wright's films to date, with all-star names like Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Lily James, Jon Bernthal, Eiza Gonzalez, and Kevin Spacey all showing up to play important roles in the film's story.

Sony Pictures has been busy at work keeping awareness up for Baby Driver over the past few weeks. In anticipation of the film's release later this month, People officially unveiled a new set of character posters for the film, with quotes and designs prescribed specifically for each of the film's main crew members. Check out the character posters for yourself down below:

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For anyone who's been a longtime fan of Wright's work, it's not hard to see why Sony has been working so hard at promoting the film on a fairly consistent basis as of late. After all, despite Wright's clear talent at creating thrilling and impressive films (not a single one of his previous titles have ever been subject to many harsh critical reviews), none of his movies have done terribly well at the box office either. But at the same time, none of Wright's previous films -- including Scott Pilgrim vs The World -- have ever had quite the same level of star power in their casts as Baby Driver does.

Foxx, Spacey, and Elgort have all proven themselves as considerable draws at the box office, so it'll be interesting to see just how much attention the film manages to acquire heading into its opening weekend, based solely on the recognizability of its cast members. That and the fact that Baby Driver has drawn nothing but overwhelmingly positive word-of-mouth out of early screenings shouldn't hurt the film's chances at performing well at the box office this summer. Fingers crossed, at least, since Baby Driver promises to be one of the most thrilling and original titles hitting theaters over the next few months, in what is otherwise shaping up to be yet another franchise-heavy summer at the cinema.

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  • Baby Driver (2017) release date: Jun 28, 2017
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