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Baby Driver is Darker and More Cynical

Edgar Wright's heist extravaganza Baby Driver will hit Blu-ray in October and comes packed with a boatload of special features. In a summer that saw numerous films disappoint critically and/or commercially, the latest offering from the fan-favorite auteur was a rare bright spot in the warmer months. Earning raves for its innovative style and top-notch performances (read our review), Baby Driver went on to become the biggest hit of Wright's career, grossing $194.1 million worldwide. It was such an overwhelming success, the filmmaker is open to making a sequel down the line.

Baby Driver is a movie that had inspired an abundance of fan art in the months before it reached theaters (check Wright's Twitter for examples), and its fan base only grew as it rode extremely positive word-of-mouth over the course of its run. That means more than a few people are interested to learn when they can bring Baby's exploits home to enjoy from the comfort of their living rooms. Thankfully, viewers don't have to wait much longer.

Sony Pictures announced Baby Driver will be available on digital HD September 12, followed by the physical disc hitting store shelves on October 10. A 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray combo pack, Blu-ray, and DVD will be sold. Fans will be excited to hear there are two hours of bonus material, covering a variety of behind-the-scenes aspects. You can check out the complete list below:

  • Extended/Deleted Scenes – 20 minutes of extended scenes and a few moments that were dropped from the final cut.
  • Mozart In A Go-Kart: Ansel Drives – Ride shotgun with star Ansel Elgort as he works with the talented stunt drivers to become the ultimate getaway driver.
  • I Need A Killer Track: The Music – Explore how the film’s phenomenal soundtrack dictated both the writing process and all aspects of production on Baby Driver.
  • That’s My Baby: Edgar Wright – Follow Edgar Wright’s vision of Baby Driver from its inception two decades ago, to its ultimate realization on the big screen.
  • Meet Your New Crew: Doc’s Gang – Led by powerhouse Kevin Spacey, the cast assembled to form Doc’s gang is perfectly constructed with stars like Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm as well as up and coming talent like Eiza González and Jon Bernthal. Go behind the scenes to see this talented group at work as they bring these characters to life.
  • Find Something Funky On There: The Choreography – With every frame of Baby Driver set to a specific beat it took precise choreography by the cast, crew and editors to create a cinematic dance like nothing that’s been done before. Hear from the choreographer and filmmakers on this groundbreaking process.
  • Devil Behind The Wheel: The Car Chases – From closing down Atlanta’s interstates to creating eyepopping maneuvers for a variety of vehicles, witness the amazing craftsmanship and sheer determination that made the film’s incredible car chases possible.
  • Animatics – Check out over 35 minutes of the numerous pre-vis animatics developed by Edgar Wright as part of his meticulous preparation.
  • Ansel Elgort Audition – See firsthand the audition that proved without a doubt that Ansel Elgort was the perfect choice for Baby.
  • Annotated Coffee Run Rehearsal – Day one of production involved one of the film’s most elaborately choreographed sequences where every movement is carefully crafted. Check out the preliminary rehearsal and see the behind the scenes movement in concert with Ansel Elgort’s on camera choreography.
  • Hair, Make Up & Costume Tests – In this stylized montage, witness the transformation of the actors through costume, hair and make-up tests.
  • Mint Royale – “Blue Song” Music Video – This music video directed by Edgar years ago for the band Mint Royale showcases some early inspiration for Baby Driver.
  • Complete Storyboard Gallery – See the elaborate storyboards developed for the film in this gallery featuring storyboards for the entire film.
  • Director Commentary
  • Filmmaker Commentary (Edgar Wright and Director of Photography Bill Pope)

Among this very extensive collection of featurettes, the look the car chases will arguably be the one to generate the most interest. The action sequences were universally praised, thrilling audiences with their reliance on practical techniques. "Find Something Funky On There" should also be an interesting watch, as all the scenes were carefully constructed to match up with Wright's soundtrack selections - all the way down to editing. Sony deserves credit for delivering the goods on the Baby Driver Blu-ray, not selling viewers short with the supplemental content. Baby Driver was a film made by a cinephile for cinephiles, so there's something for everyone here.

The success of Baby Driver ultimately should open new pathways for Wright, who is currently developing an adaptation of the novel Grasshopper Jungle. With the Cornetto trilogy and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Wright found a loyal following, but Baby Driver performed on a level his films never had before. Hopefully, this gives him clout in Hollywood, allowing him opportunities to keep making fresh and exciting original films.

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Baby Driver will be available on digital September 12, 2017 and Blu-ray on October 10, 2017.

Source: Sony Pictures

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