Baby Driver Star Shows Off His Driving Skills During #BombCyclone

Ansel Elgort had decided to make the most of the #BombCyclone, taking to the roads for some phenomenal stunt driving.

As heavy snow and winds batter the East Coast, how are you going to get around? Ansel Elgort recently posted a tweet in which he channels, Miles, AKA 'Baby,' the character he played in Baby Driver, as he spun a few donuts in a parking lot. The 23-year-old actor clearly has some stunt driving skills of his own, proving that no #BombCyclone will slow him down.

Nyc snowstorm no worries baby will give u a ride ?

— Ansel Elgort (@AnselElgort) January 4, 2018

It's certainly the kind of weather that calls for a stunt driver. All along the Eastern Seaboard, roads are treacherous and likely to stay that way for days. High winds and low temperatures mean crews can't get out to clear the roads, and in North Carolina the New York Times reported more than 700 calls to state troopers after car crashes. In Boston, a three-foot tidal surge has pushed floodwaters into the Long Wharf area - and is likely to do the same at the next high tide. The so-called "bomb cyclone" is essentially a blizzard crossed with hurricane-force winds, and it's brought the East Coast to a standstill.

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Bring on Ansel Elgort. Unusually for this kind of film, the actor actually trained as a stunt driver himself. As a result, there were lots of scenes where there were no wires, no rigs, and no green screen. In an interview with Vulture, Wright implied a criticism of other high-speed films.

"Another thing that we did in this sequence, which sort of flies against what people are doing in other movies now — not mentioning any names of any current, big car-chase movies — but a lot of those actor shots are on green screens...

"Those guys are nowhere near the rest of the action — usually that’s on a practical level. They might be shooting in Atlanta and other people are in Iceland, or something. Again, not mentioning any names. But we shot all of the actor shots for real on the freeways."

The brief clip makes it perfectly clear that Elgort has lost none of his Baby Driver skills. So much so that he's taken his car for a spin in the treacherous weather, reassuring New York fans that no snowstorm is going to slow Baby down.

For all that's the case, it's much wiser for US residents who aren't trained in stunt driving to wait the storm out.

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