Edgar Wright Teases Possible Baby Driver Sequel

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Baby Driver director Edgar Wright celebrated the film's one-year anniversary by teasing the possibility of a sequel coming soon in the form of Baby Driver 2. With a worldwide gross of $226 million against a reported budget of $34 million, the music-propelled action movie Baby Driver gave well-regarded cult director Wright his first bona fide big studio hit. Now, fans everywhere wonder where Wright's fertile cinematic imagination will take him next.

In fact, Wright already has a next project on the way, a documentary about the pop rock band Sparks. As for fiction films, the only known upcoming project for Wright is the DreamWorks animated film Shadows, though there has been no update on that possible movie since 2015 so its status must be considered up in the air. As for Wright tackling a sequel to Baby Driver, the director has already talked about wanting to write the follow-up and has stated firmly that if the movie happens, he would indeed direct it himself.

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It's far from a confirmation, but Wright has once again floated the possibility of a Baby Driver sequel being in his future. In a tweet commemorating the one-year anniversary of Baby Driver's release, Wright dropped a little teaser that indicated a sequel could be happening in the near future. Read the tweet below:

In light of the healthy box office returns for Baby Driver, it's easy to understand why Sony would want to get a sequel into production as soon as possible. From Wright's point-of-view, if the writer-director truly has another story he wishes to tell involving the character of Baby (Ansel Elgort), there's all the reason in the world for him to write the sequel and direct it. The ending of Baby Driver did leave Baby's fate quite ambiguous and open, so there are plenty of different directions Wright could take the story if indeed he felt the urge to revisit that world.

On the other hand, some might argue the ending of Baby Driver - which left audiences wondering whether Baby really reunited with his lady love Debora (Lily James) after prison or only fantasized about getting back together with her - was in fact perfect in its ambiguity and openness. To these folks, making a follow-up that definitely answered any questions about Baby's future with or without Debora would be an injustice to the poetry of that ending. At the end of the day, Wright owns the story and the characters and it's up to him to decide whether Baby should get another chapter. As of now, it appears Wright is at least still mulling climbing back into the driver's seat for another spin with Baby.

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