Should Baby Driver 2 happen, Edgar Wright assures he is the only one who would direct it. Last year marked the first time since 2013 that a movie with Wright’s fingerprints on it hit theaters. After his falling out with Marvel Studios over the direction of Ant-Man, Wright refocused his efforts to another personal project, and one of his more ambitious. He’s tackled a robotic takeover, video game tropes, buddy cops, and zombies before, but Baby Driver saw him blend car chases with music.

Baby Driver became one of the biggest box office successes of 2017 as it went over $225 million worldwide, where over $100 million came domestically. It also was one of the year’s best reviewed films and has even generated some awards consideration. All of this success makes it completely understandable why sequel talks haven’t died down. After previous saying he’d at least write the sequel, Wright now says no one else would direct but him.

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MTV spoke to Edgar Wright at the Golden Globes – where Ansel Elgort was nominated for his role as Baby – and asked the director about the status of a sequel. Even though there isn’t a deal agreed upon just yet, Wright says he knows exactly where a potential sequel will go. Not only that, but he clarified he’d be the only one to direct.

Baby Driver 2 is still far from a sure thing, but it is reassuring to know it won’t happen without Wright being involved throughout the entire process. Not only that, but his reasoning is completely understandable. Baby Driver was a project Wright developed for years, and now that it is successful, why would he spend months writing a script only to hand directing duties off to someone else? It is largely thanks to Wright’s vision and directing on Baby Driver that it succeeded to the level it did. All of the extensive planning paid off in full, and it’s hard to imagine someone else putting as much care in a sequel as Wright.

The ending to Baby Driver leaves the future for Baby and Debora (Lily James) rather ambiguous. Wright has yet to state if the dream-like ending is actually happening or merely Baby’s imagination, and that question probably won’t be answered until he knows if the sequel is happening. Considering the acclaim Baby Driver has received, there’s not many reasons why Sony shouldn’t want to back it. If Wright is interested in writing and directing a sequel – and Elgort sounds like he’s in, too – then Baby Driver 2 may be a case of when it is announced, not if.

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Baby Driver 2 is being discussed, but does not have a release date.

Source: MTV

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