'Babar' Movie In The Works

Babar, King of the Elephants movie Twilight producers

Twilight producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey will next adapt a very different breed of literature for the big screen.  The two have struck a deal with Nelvana and The Clifford Ross Company to produce films based on Babar, the classic children's book series.

Babar the character was created back in 1931 by French author Jean de Brunhoff.  The book series tells the tale of the titular elephant, a fellow who leaves the sanctuary of his native jungle in order to venture into the world of human civilization. He eventually returns to his homeland, becomes leader of the elephant kingdom, and teaches both his children and fellow animals important lessons about life.  Riveting, to say the least. ;-)

Over 30,000 Babar publications have been released since Brunhoff's initial book -  the character was also given his own traditionally-animated movie and cartoon show back in 1989.  His most recent onscreen appearance was in the 1999 feature Babar: King of the Elephants.

This new cinematic adaptation of Babar will be a family comedy that features a mix of CG and live-action material.  Those that read my article from the other day about the upcoming Fairly Oddparents movie know that there is no kind of film I love more than that [Sarcasm Alert!].

Babar King of the Elephants movie

I have generally fond memories of reading the Babar books and watching the cartoon show when I was younger.  The illustrations were simple but pleasant and the stories always had their share of morals but were fun all the same - much like Curious George, which is also returning to the big screen once more.

Will the new Babar movie be a complex, emotionally compelling drama?  Not likely.  Will it instead be a relatively harmless flick for parents to take their kids to see - one devoid of annoying bathroom humor and pop-culture references?  We can only hope.

Is it going to be in 3D?  Sigh...

We'll keep you posted on the development of the new Babar movie as more news comes our way.

Source: Deadline

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