Aziz Ansari Confirmed To Host 2010 MTV Movie Awards

Aziz Ansari Host MTV Movie Awards

The MTV Movie Awards has always given audiences a fresh look during awards season, and this is mostly due to their selection of hosts. Coming off a relatively disappointing Andy Samberg edition last year (apart from the "Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions" video), MTV has gone with Aziz Ansari as the 2010 Movie Awards host.

Ansari has been stealing scenes in comedies for a long enough and this will be his chance to shine. The Parks and Recreation star seems to be reveling in hopes of taking his dirty humor to the masses.

The MTV Movie Award hosts are tasked with coming through with show-stealing performances and hilarious spoof videos. Some of the most memorable have included Ben Stiller's stuntman extraordinaire, Tom Crooze, a Matrix parody with Justin Timberlake and Seann William Scott, and the Jimmy Fallon Batman Begins mash-up. Just thinking about what Ansari could bring to the parodies is bound only by the FCC.

The MTV Movie Awards is a puzzling event, presenting awards season with a "hip" alternative geared towards the under-30 crowd. For this specific reason, it gets a lot of criticism for being too soft and childish. Maybe it's not MTV's fault, so much as The Twilight Saga's. The screaming girls and teen celebrities litter the screen in what would be an otherwise enjoyable escape from the serious tones of the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. Even when they try to be fun, those major shows end up being overly self-gratifying to the industry.

Aziz Ansari To Host MTV Movie Awards

Aziz Ansari is having loads of fun with the new venture. In a similar fashion to Conan O'Brien's sarcastic Twitter updates, Ansari is making bogus claims of absurdity in order to balance telling the people the good news with maintaining his awesome sense of humor. On his own website, Aziz Is Bored, the comedian makes his point in one succinct revelation:

"In order to promote my turn as Charlotte in the upcoming film, Sex and the City 2, I am going to host the MTV Movie Awards."

It gets better from there, as Entertainment Weekly got a list of five reasons to watch the awards show from the man himself. Hopefully it's not just talk, and he follows through on all of these.

1. 'The Awards! Who will win Best Villain? Will it be the Nixon administration in The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers or will it be Systemic Urban Inequality in The Blind Side?

2. Watch me promote my upcoming film Sex and the City 2, where I take over the role of Charlotte.

3. Watch, not one, but three parodies of Invictus that I have planned. (Keep an eye out for cameos from several people that were interviewed for the documentary Food, Inc.)

4. I will finally address my longstanding feud with Forest Whitaker.

5. To top last year’s Bruno-Eminem moment, Michael Bay has agreed to whip his b—s out at some point during the show.

The most important wishful thinking is that he finds a way to implement his flagship character, Randy, into the show. Judd Apatow and crew loved the character so much on set of Funny People that there will be a spin-off film starring Ansari as the stand-up comedian.

The following video is NSFW, even with the censors:


All signs point to a hilarious show, and as long as I have the mute button ready for any mention of Robert Pattinson or Twilight, it should be enjoyable. As the superhero genre becomes even more present in movies, the MTV Movie Awards will become increasingly relevant as one of the few shows with categories they can succeed in.

You can see Aziz Ansari in the upcoming comedy Get Him to The Greek. He also just began production of a film co-starring Danny McBride entitled 30 Minutes or Less.

What do you think of the hosting decision? Can Ansari actually disappoint? Who would you have brought on to host? Let us know in the comments section below.

The MTV Movie Awards will air June 6th @ 9pm on MTV

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