15 AWKWARD Actor Pictures With Fans That’ll Make You Cringe

Many fans make the unfortunate mistake of idolizing their favorite actors. It is all well and dandy to simply be a fan of someone, but things can get out of hand when a fan becomes outright obsessed with the celebrity or actor in question.

For starters, being an obsessive fan makes it all the more likely for a fan to either make a fool of themselves, annoy the actor, make the actor feel extremely uncomfortable, or all of the above. This is why the subject of celebrity actors meeting their fans can be such a slippery slope.

Any situation where a fan meets an actor it is likely to be-- for lack of a better word-- awkward. An actor already has enough on their plate as is. Having to put up with a fan who runs up to them in a heaping sweat, nervously stumbles over their own words while trying to ask for a picture, and then having to put on a fake smile when, in reality, that actor would rather be anywhere in the world but there is bad enough.

Imagine having to do that over a dozen times a day-- not fun at all. This thought makes these photos even more excruciating to look at on this list.

Here are the 15 AWKWARD Actor Pictures With Fans That’ll Make You Cringe.

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15 Summer Glau

Summer Glau is, in many ways, a geek icon. Or, at the very least, a geek's favorite nerd girl straight out of a geek's dream. After all, her filmography is coated with enough geek memorabilia-- Firefly, Arrow, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, etc. It's also enough to make some fans a little bit obsessive-- not only over Glau's fandom filled filmography, but over Glau herself.

This can make things a bit weird, and knowing just how weird things can get with the fans she mets, Glau prefers not to touch her fans. More often than not, as seen above, she opts for the hover hand pic.

Stephanie Hayes of Tampa Bay Times went in depth with an article about the hover hand pic phenomenon-- directly citing images of Glau doing this pose as a a reference. It may be extremely awkward to do, but at least Glau is comfortable doing it.

14 Alfonso Riberio

Alfonso Riberio has not only made his claim to fame by portraying Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but also for creating his famous Carlton Dance. Keeping that in mind, most fans have no idea that Alfonso Riberio actually loathes the Carlton Dance.

Even if hate is a strong word, it goes without saying that, after doing the dance for so many years-- whether he's asked to do so on the set or asked at random by people on the street-- he is now sick of doing it.

It's very obvious that, when an enthusiastic fan approaches him and asks about the dance, he wants nothing to do with it. It is written across his face how annoyed he is by the dance. This is clearly depicted in the image above. Despite the fact that that Carlton Dance has become a timeless classic for many fans, Riberio sees it as the most obnoxious thing in the world and is still haunted by it on a daily basis.

13 Leonardo DiCaprio

Vitalii Seduik is a fan who is known for his strange actions towards celebrities. Seduik has a knack for getting animatedly starstruck while in the presence of famous faces, and he also has a tendency to make celebrities a wee bit uncomfortable by his strange antics.

His first and arguably most talked about moment happened in 2012 at the Moscow premiere of Men in Black 3 when he tried to kiss Will Smith on the red carpet, only to receive a smack for his efforts.

Then, he groveled at Bradley Cooper's feet at the 2014 SAG Awards. Somewhere in between all of this, he found time to drop to his knees and clutch hold of Leonardo DiCaprio's legs-- practically at eye-to-crotch level00 at the 2014 BAFTAS.

Last we heard of Seduik he was streaking on-stage at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 during Jamala's performance. The stunt has Seduik facing five years of prison time.

12 Nicholas Cage

Celebrities are always in a tough position because, no matter where they are mentally during an average week day, they have to deal with fans who constantly recognize them. This fact is doubly true for actors especially.

They spend several hours on a movie set going through numerous takes and repeating the same lines, struggling to get into character, and working with members of a cast and crew who they may not even like.

Then, to top things off, when they want to roam the streets on their day off, fans instantly recognize them and approach, asking for photos or signatures despite how the actor may or may not be feeling in the moment. This case is proved in the photo above. It is due to these reasons that we have pictures of celebs with fans like the one with Nicholas Cage above.

11 Elijah Wood

Remember what we said earlier about the whole phenomenon surrounding the hover hand pose with Summer Glau? Glau is far from the only actress in Hollywood to pull the hover hand trick on unsuspecting fans. Additionally, the hover hand is not a trick strictly made for ladies in the industry.

Male actors have been doing the same exact thing when they've met fans in public as well. As we can see above, Elijah Wood is a good example of this. Much like Glau, Wood's own filmography includes a huge geek catalog that attracts fans who Wood would probably rather avoid in day to day life.

This is evident by The Lord of the Rings franchise alone, which has some very dedicated fans. Some fans can be a little too much for the average celebrity-- Elijah Wood being one of them-- and sometimes, an actor has to keep space between them with the classic hover hand.

10 Gerard Butler

When you catch a celebrity on the street at the most inopportune moment to take a picture, it can be a bit awkward-- as is the case with this interesting shot of Gerard Butler. Maybe the fan snapped the pic at the wrong moment just as Butler was blinking, but many fans have taken one look at this pic and thought that Butler looked like he had one too many shots and couldn't keep his eyes open to save his life.

Of course, those who know that Gerard Butler has not had a drink in 15+ years realize that they can rule this option out immediately, but it is easy to understand why fans may get this initial impression.

For all we know, Butler may just be rolling his eyes at the fact that this is the umpteenth guy in the last hour who has approached him on the street and asked for a picture. Maybe Butler, like many of the actors on this list, is sick of the harassment from fans.

9 Luke Wilson

In the wrong light, this image might look like it could lead to a sexual harassment lawsuit. Of course, we are only kidding. However, this unsuspecting fan probably did not expect Luke Wilson to stare down her shirt in the midst of snapping a picture with him. Or maybe there is more to this than meets the eye, like a Transformer.

Perhaps the person who took the image merely snapped the image at the wrong moment, as Luke Wilson was looking at the ground, watching his step as he got into position for the photo, and in the picture he just looks like he is staring at her cleavage.

On the other hand, he could be doing just that-- awkwardly staring at her cleavage. It's hard to know for certainly, but perhaps it's better to give him the benefit of the doubt.

8 Jack Nicholson

The fan may not be in frame for this photo, but unfortuantely, this does not make this picture any less awkward. For those who cannot remember a decade ago when The Dark Knight was still in production, Jack Nicholson was not a fan of Heath Ledger getting the part of The Joker. He was upset that a Batman movie was being made with someone else in the role of The Joker, a part that Nicholson killed back in 1989.

Then, when Ledger died some months later, Nicholson was not exactly what anyone would call sympathetic. That is why this pictures stings like a sick burn. To imagine what could have been going through Nicholson's head when a fan asked him for his signature and then handed Nicholson a picture of Heath Ledger's Joker, it must have been priceless. As if his face pictured above was not priceless enough.

7 Robert Downey Jr.

Sometimes, a fan can unconditionally and unapologetically adore a specific character, but not be interested at all about the actor who plays said character. Unfortunately for Robert Downey Jr., this was pretty much the sentiment felt by this small 18 month old boy.

Resident Sunderland, Massachusetts citizen Heather Denno thought that it would be a great idea to bring her son Jaxson to the set of The Judge so that he could meet his favorite superhero, Iron Man.

When Jaxson was face to face with the actor, though, he became confused and wondered why Iron Man did not have his signature red and yellow armor on. To him, this was not Iron Man-- or at least a bare Robert Downey Jr. out of costume was not good enough to pass for Iron Man. Jaxson burst into tears.

Downey stuck around to calm the child and try to snap a proper picture, but it looks like Jaxson never stopped crying. This was the best shot they could get.

6 Rihanna

With Rihanna currently prepping to appear in Ocean's Eight and then star in a buddy movie alongside Lupita Nyong'o to be directed by Ava DuVernay, she is making the full leap from singer to bonafide actress.

In the few projects that Rihanna has acted in over the last few years, she has proven to be a decent actress, and if she manages to keep it up, her endeavors as an actress should be a positive transition.

The only thing she has to worry about are that crazy fans who she may run into from the film community. However, truth be told, she has clearly run into fans like this already due to her singing career.

This picture, for example, looks like a fan just randomly stepped into frame and took a photo without asking her or at least letting her know. Turning around at the last moment, Rihanna looks truly terrified.

5 Lady Gaga

While we all know Lady Gaga as a Grammy winning songstress, it's important to remember that she is also the Golden Globe winning star of American Horror Story: Hotel. As an actress, Lady Gaga plans to follow up her Golden Globe win by starring alongside Bradley Cooper in a remake of the 1937 Janet Gaynor-Frederic March classic, A Star is Born.

This is certainly a step up in the right direction for Lady Gaga career-wise, but at the same time, it also opens up more opportunities for her fanbase to grow. While in theory, this may sounds great, it's obvious that having a massive fanbase isn't all that it's cracked up to be--especially when viewing an image such as this.

Gaga has to run this type of spiel all day every day and it has to be exhausting and aggravating to do the same routine with every fan she runs into. No wonder she looks like she cannot wait to get away from these guys after this photo.

4 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has to be the president of the club of musicians who are sick of meeting and taking pictures with fans. Love him or hate him, a picture as awkward as this makes you feel a bit bad for the guy-- well, kind of.

He has proven to be a jerk in the past and it is hard to feel bad for him given his pedigree, but still-- look at the guy. He looks as if he'd rather be shot-- much like his character in CSI-- than ever take another fan photo again.

It's important to keep in mind that he no doubt takes hundreds of images such as this on a daily basis, particularly at meet and greet events, which is where this beauty was captured. It is hard to really decipher exactly what he is thinking behind those sunglasses, but it's easy to see that he's not exactly thrilled and would probably rather be anywhere else but there.

3 Kristian Nairn

Kristian Nairn may not be a very recognizable name, but one glance at his face and every Game of Thrones fan will instantly know him as Hodor. His exit from the show following the gut-wrenching episode "The Door" still has us in tears just thinking about it.

If there was anything bad to come out of this episode, it was probably that there are now countless fans who run into Nairn and ask him to "Hold the door!" The joke has to be groan-inducing and extremely tiring for Nairn after the first couple of times.

In public at least, he seems to be a good sport about it, the proof being a photo/video where a fan saw Nairn going into an elevator, and asked him to "Hold the door!" For the sake of the video, it made for an awkward moment, but surely, it was all in good fun.

2 Russell Brand

Suddenly, Summer Glau and Elijah Wood have the right idea about this whole hover hand thing. Personal space should always be a factor when a celebrity meets a fan, and vice versa. Otherwise weird pictures such as this wind up on the internet.

We can guess that Ruseell Brand did not mean to make this picture so awkward and, when looking at the way it turned out, it is not entirely his fault that the pic came out looking so... wrong.

From the looks of it, Brand-- being the English gentleman that he is-- went to kiss the fan on the cheek. However, seconds beforehand, the fan thought that he was going in for a kiss on the lips instead and tried to follow suit. The final result was a photo that looks so awkward it just hurts.

1 Jessica Chastain

Just when we thought the pictures on this list could not get any more awkward and cringe inducing, we stumble upon this unfortunate shot of Jessica Chastain and a fan who... just what was he thinking here?

We can tell from his rib cage that she must have signed the side of his body, but of all the places he could have had her sign, why that area? Why someplace that is going to wipe away as soon as he takes a shower?

He does plan to take a shower after this... doesn't he? We hope so. Another question to ask is why he chose to lift up his entire shirt to reveal a signature that is located on his lower abdomen? Why is he hiding one single nipple behind a scarf? So many questions-- most of which we are not even sure we want to know the answers to.


Have you seen any other extremely cringeworthy pictures of actors with fans? Let us know in the comment section!

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