New (Awesome) Watchmen Trailer And Poster

During last night's Scream Awards broadcast, a new extended trailer for what will be one of, if not the biggest movie of 2009 was shown: Watchmen.

The trailer is much longer than what we've seen before and does not hinder my excitement for the film one tiny bit. I cannot wait for this movie to be released.


In addition, Coming Soon has a new poster for the movie, which you can see here (visit their site for a much higher resolution version):

New Watchmen poster featuring the death of a main character

If you paid attention, you will have noticed that the film has already been given an R-rating, for graphic violence, sexuality, nudity and language. It's pretty unusual for a film to have been rated almost five months prior to release. That's probably because director Zack Snyder isn't fighting for a PG-13 for the movie (and that's a GOOD thing, believe me).

If everything is settled legally between Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox, Watchmen should be released in theaters and IMAX on March 6, 2009.

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