Awesome Terminator Salvation Poster

Opinion on the forthcoming Terminator: Salvation has been mixed to say the least. However, with each new bit of news it would appear that director McG has done the unthinkable - firstly he may have finally made a decent film, and secondly (and more importantly) he may also have made a damn good Terminator film.

Who'd have thunk it?

And now we have the first look at the film's poster and guess what?

It looks fantastic!

Check it out below:

Pretty damn impressive!

However, this is also a "motion poster" and if you check here you can see that it really is smoking hot.

If McG has made a Terminator prequel that not only holds a candle to Cameron's first two films and manages to reignite the franchise; then we could have many years of cool destruction ahead of us!

Also if any eagle eye'd fans noticed the Sony Pictures logo and thought "wait a minute - isn't this a Warner Bros. release?" Don't worry - Sony is handling overseas distribution.  Breathe easy, this is the real deal.

The Christian Bale and Sam Worthington starring Terminator Salvation opens May 22, 2009

Source: Sony Pictures

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