5 Awesome Supernatural Samurai Movies

47 Ronin Hiroyuki Sanada

Samurai movies – known in Japan as either jidaigeki (period dramas) or chambara (sword-fighting flicks) – have occupied a unique film niche for much of their existence. Their enduring appeal has led to some rather interesting crossover experiments in the genre in latter years, including the Keanu Reeves blockbuster vehicle 47 Ronin.

Many eyebrows raised when it was revealed that the long-in-development adaptation of perhaps the most famous samurai legend ever told would include fantasy elements such as shapeshifting witches, ogres, and demonic armies. And yet, 47 Ronin is far from the first film to mash feudal Japan up with myths and monsters.

Inspired by 47 Ronin's spirited (if not especially successful) attempt to marry the supernatural with a jidaigeki setting, Screen Rant is pleased to present a list of legitimately great samurai movies that also contain ghouls, ghosts, and otherworldly magic.

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