Robotastic New Images From Astro Boy

Sigh... it's hard being the sole resident Astro Boy fan around here. Every time I turn around there are new promo materials for the film that seem to have slipped past me and I'm always end up writing a catch-up post.

Well today I'm posting two would've-been-new images from Astro Boy that Summit Entertainment was kind enough to send our way. So far the trailers, posters and images from the film have been more on the cutesy side of the fence - today's images are bit more on the action side of things, which is a good look for this film, IMHO.

Check out these robotastic new images from Astro Boy (double click each image for a hi-res version):




That Giant 'bot in the second pic is pretty gnarly. People keep knocking the animation for Astro Boy because it doesn't have a Pixar brand slapped on it - but hey, I say "Whatevs." That giant 'bot is def gnarly.

Be sure to check out our entire stash of Astro Boy stuff. Then let me know what you think of the movie.

Astro Boy hits theaters on October 23, 2009.

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