'Awake' Season 1, Episode 10: 'Slack Water' Recap

Jason Isaacs Daniela Bobadilla Laura Allen Awak Slack Water

Considering last week's strangely apathetic episode, it is good to see Awake back to a place where things seem to matter to its characters. Perhaps that is why the reveal that Emma (Daniela Bobadilla) is pregnant with Rex's (Dylan Minnette) child was saved until the very last moment of 'Game Day': so that it would carry more weight after Britten (Jason Isaacs) had been getting used to seeing everything play out in two possible scenarios.

Now with 'Slack Water,' Britten and Hannah (Laura Allen) are faced with the fact that they'll soon be grandparents, and naturally, their interest in Emma stems from wanting to have a role in their grandchild's life. However, complications arise after Emma reveals she's in line with her parents' "progressive" thinking and plans to give the child up for a closed adoption. For her part, Hannah, perhaps unnerved from being caught unaware of not only the pregnancy, but of Emma entirely, feels that there is something keeping the young woman from revealing her true desire in regards to her baby. To some degree, this appears to be an effort to tie the seemingly random addition of what will be Rex's posthumous child to Britten's reluctance (need) to stay in Los Angeles in order to maintain the life he shares with his own child and the life he shares with Hannah.

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