Avi Arad Talks Spider-Man 4 And... Venom?

[UPDATE: Is the Venom Movie Moving Finally Moving Forward?]

Avi Arad recently sat down with Garth of to discuss his involvement in the upcoming movie Bratz (which no, I will NOT be covering here on Screen Rant!) and some Marvel projects came up in the discussion.

In particular it seems that things are moving forward, albeit at an early stage, for Spider-Man 4. At this point it's just at the discussion level with Sony Pictures. What was a surprise for me was the fact that there is a Venom movie in development! I had not heard this previously.

Avi said that things are coming along "awesome" regarding the Venom movie, but was tight-lipped regarding casting or any other details.

I'm not a big fan of the character and I wonder how the heck you can have a bad guy as the title character for a movie? It'll be interesting to see how this one develops and I'm sure that lovers of the character who were so angry at what little screen time he had in Spider-Man 3 will be ecstatic to hear this news.

Source: Dark Horizons via Advanced Dark

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