Zack Snyder 'Loves' the Avengers Movies, Says Audiences Need to Be Open to Other Things

Former DCEU filmmaker Zack Snyder admits to loving the Avengers movies, but tells audience they need to be more open about other takes on superheroes. Directing three films in Warner Bros.' comic book shared universe, including its launching project, 2013's Man of Steel, he left the franchise in 2017 due to a personal tragedy while working on Justice League.

Tasked to lay the foundations of the DCEU, the director kicked off the franchise with Henry Cavill as Superman. Snyder's films were generally divisive. They have a darker tone with very little to no humor, which is different from the MCU's usually light and fun vibe. On top of this, he also had some unconventional creative choices for his characters, like featuring Batman killing - something that some comic book readers found unsettling, considering that it's not Bruce Wayne's usual M.O. Despite this, Snyder has built a loyal fanbase who loved his approach to DC heroes and continues to support him. Now, more than a year later since he departed the DCEU, Snyder says that audiences need to be more accepting of varying treatments of these movies.

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Appearing at the Watchmen panel of Zack: Snyder: The Director's Cuts event at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena over the weekend, Snyder, who's a self-proclaimed comic book movie fan, reveals that he enjoys watching the Avengers films. However, he reminds people that they can still enjoy Marvel's take on their heroes, but that they "also have to be open to other things.” His answer was met with thunderous applause and many of those who watched the bit on Twitter, thanks to @boomborks who shared it, also backed up his sentiments.

Despite the MCU's undisputed success, one of its biggest criticism is that their movies are formulaic and share a very similar tone. They tend to stick with a three-arc narrative which isn't technically bad, but with 20 films in, many are getting tired of seeing the same format over and over. Granted that in the last couple years, they've shaken things up with films like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, but many are hoping that Marvel Studios will continue to evolve moving forward. To Snyder's credit, he was doing something entirely different at DC, but between the divisive reception and pressure from Warner Bros., unfortunately, he wasn't able to finish what he started.

There are two main takeaways from Snyder's comment. First, fans can like all kinds of superhero films, and in the age where DC and Marvel's supposed rivalry gets a little bit too serious online, this is very important to remember. It's okay to like films from both brands and not choose a side. And if they do have a preference, they shouldn't be shamed for it, just as long they're not obnoxious about it. Second, viewers should be open to all kinds of approaches to these characters. Given the myriad of comic book movies coming out in the next few years, studios like Marvel Studios, Sony, and Warner Bros. will have to work extra hard to keep things fresh for their fanbase, and the only way they can do this is to diversify their offerings to keep people interested.

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Source: boomborks

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