Marvel's New 'Avengers: World' is What The MCU Needs

The Marvel Universe has introduced a new team of heroes in The Avengers: World. And this international team is exactly what the MCU needs.

Marvel Avengers World Comic Team

Avengers: Endgame will be the culmination of the past 11 years of films, and will most certainly end the Avengers as we know them today. Many are wondering what will happen in the next phase of films, and which heroes may be a part of the new Avengers universe. Marvel Comics may have the answer.

The addition of Captain Marvel and confirmation that James Gunn's Guardians 3 will be made confirms the future of the MCU will be galactic. But the history of the MCU has proven that there will always be threats on Earth, and the planet needs defenders that can protect her. With the MCU continuing to explore the expanding universe, the current set up of ONE team will not be enough to manage all threats, both cosmic and home grown. The solution? The Avengers: World.

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Having multiple Avengers teams is what the MCU needs to continue to expand its mythos, while keeping the franchise grounded and relatable. But who could make up this team to protect the world, while the other Avengers are among the stars? Look no further than the comics for inspiration, where the new Avengers: World team was just introduced in Avengers: No Road Home #10. But who makes up this team? Read on to find out.

The Avengers: World Debut in Marvel's Universe

Avengers World Marvel Comic Team

Blue Marvel – Adam Brashear

Genius level super hero with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and theoretical physics. While working on Project: Perseus in an attempt to harness anti-matter, and explosion occurred turning him into a stable “antimatter reactor” and superhuman abilities: matter/anti-matter absorption and manipulation (read: shoot energy blasts from his hands), superhuman strength (on level with that of Hulk and Thor), flight, and super-level genius.

Miss America – America Chavez

America Chavez was raised in the Utopian Parallel, a dimension out of time an space located close to the Demiurge (sentient life force that seeded the Earth, giving birth to the Elder Gods). When her world was going to be destroyed, her mothers sacrificed themselves to save Utopia. Wanting to become a hero in her own rite Miss America traveled across the dimensions helping those in need. America has superhuman strength and speed, with the ability to fly, powers of invulnerability, and can create star portals allowing her to travel the multiverse.

Wasp – Nadia Pym

Marvel New Unstoppable Wasp Comic

Nadia is the daughter of Hank Pym and his first wife Maria Trovaya. While on their honeymoon, while pregnant Maria was kidnapped and later killed. Nadia was raised in the Red Room – the same as Black Widow – and was trained to be an agent. After learning who her parents were, she obtained pym particles off the black market and began studying them. She was later able to escape the Red Room using their size changing properties. After learning her father seemingly sacrificed himself to stop Ultron she decided to become the new Wasp, as a tribute to her father and to gain the approval of his former allies. Wasp has the ability to change her size, and generate bio-electric blasts from her hands. She has a genius level intellect, and is trained in martial arts.

Lightning – Miguel Santos

Miguel is a reformed villain who received his powers from an extremist group called the Legion of Living Lightning. He has had brief memberships to multiple Avengers related teams in the past. Lightning is a sentient electrical plasma force in his true form. His abilities include: flight, invulnerability, electrokinesis, electronic manipulation, physical manipulation, and astral projection.

Toni Ho

US Avengers New Iron Patriot Toni Ho

Toni’s father was killed while saving Tony Stark’s life in Afghanistan. She resented Stark for not doing more to save her father, and vowed to do better than the Iron Man. Toni is a genius, obtaining three doctorates by the age of twenty, and is an expert engineer. She has built her own suit of armor, and was the Iron Patriot for a time.

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Gomi – Alphonsus Lefszycic

Gomi was the victim of scientific testing at the hands of two scientists that he worked for and idolized. In an attempt to create their own version of Jean Grey, they implanted Gomi with cybernetics. The experiments failed, where Gomi’s cybernetics can only produce destructive and uncontrollable bolts of kinetic energy.


The original POD, or Planetary Operational Defense System, was sent to earth to act as a self-defense mechanism for the planet. Upon arrival it bonded with Aikku Jokinen. POD eventually became a member of the New Avengers, where Toni Ho began studying POD. it was discovered that Aikku could not separate from POD without killing it. POD was later fatally damaged in an attack by the Maker (evil Reed Richards). The injuries were severe enough that POD and Aikku could not both survive, and POD ended up sacrificing itself to save its host. Aikku was able to retain a portion of the POD armor, which we can assume is POD-2.

Bill the Lobster

The same scientists that experimented on Gomi also experimented on a pair of lobsters, which Gomi named Bill and Don. Their experiments resulted in giving the lobsters cybernetics, which granted the lobsters human-level intelligence and strength. They also have the ability to project illusions for communication. Tragedy struck when Don was stepped on and killed by Devil Dinosaur, but Bill the Lobster lives on.


A truly international Avengers team would allow the MCU to continue to grow its character roster, while exploring the intergalactic side of the MCU. This could be the beset way for audiences to accept planet hopping Avengers, knowing that there is always the Avengers: World looking after Earth.

Avengers: No Road Home #10 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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