The Avengers Would Have Won Infinity War With Just One Different Decision

The Guardians Could Have Met The Avengers on Earth

The Guardians of the Galaxy would still likely meet the Avengers in this alternative Infinity War, though under different circumstances. The comedic interactions between Star-Lord and Iron Man wouldn't have occurred (and Drax would not have uttered his immortal question "Why is Gamora?"), but the Guardians could have instead distinguished themselves as late cavalry rescue team for the Avengers.

Ultimately, Nebula would have still escaped being tortured on Thanos' ship Sanctuary II and contacted Mantis to rendezvous on Titan. It's likely Star-Lord, Drax, Mantis, and Nebula would have still fought the purple conqueror (without Stark, Strange, and Spider-Man) and they would have lost against Thanos' might. But Thanos likely wouldn't have killed them; the Guardians would have been no more than an irritation to Thanos at his heightened power levels, plus he admitted he "likes" Peter Quill. Besides, anything happening on Titan is now against Thanos' main goal: he needs to get to Earth. And, assuming survival, Nebula and the Guardians would have surely followed.

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One of the key changes under this scenario is that Peter Quill wouldn't have been placed in a position to behave at his worst (albeit because of understandable anger over Gamora's death) and in turn jeopardize the fate of the universe.

Thor Would Have Made The Save - And The Avengers Could Have Won

Meanwhile, Thor's quest to Nidavellir to get the Stormbreaker axe would have continued exactly as is it did in the Avengers: Infinity War we know. With Rocket and Groot's help, the God of Thunder would have still met Etri the Dwarf, re-ignited a star, and gained his new, Thanos-killing weapon. The Pirate Angel, Rabbit, and Tree would have then used the Bifrost to arrive in Wakanda at the exact same moment fans saw, still turning the tide for the heroes by wiping out the Black Order's machines and Outrider forces.

Since there was no Battle of Titan, or at least not the one that involved Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man, it's likely when Thor arrived, Thanos would already be in Wakanda and possibly the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy. All of the players would have been on the same stage, but with the Mighty Thor completing the Avengers' roster, Thanos' chances of victory would lessen significantly.

It may be possible that the greater defenses would mean Shuri could have had enough time to remove the Mind Stone from Vision's head, but even if she couldn't, the android would likely have still urged Wanda Maximoff to destroy the Mind Stone as soon as Thanos arrived. And here's the key: unless Thanos somehow captured the Time Stone from Doctor Strange, he can't turn back time to undo his own defeat. If the Mind Stone were then destroyed and the Time Stone kept from Thanos, there would have been no finger snap. Thor could have still driven Stormbreaker into Thanos and even though he probably still wouldn't have aimed for the head, the Mad Titan would have no gloating final line.

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Under this scenario, it's hard to see the Avengers not winning. They would have foiled Thanos' master plan and saved half of all life in the universe. The Mad Titan would still have four Infinity Stones in his possession, sure, so he remains a cosmic threat, but there's no mass death or grinding defeat.

Among all this, it must be stated that Thanos' power could have beaten all of the Avengers and the Mad Titan still would have won. In that case, to echo Stark and Rogers' dialogue in Avengers: Age of Ultron, at least the Avengers would have lost together.


The 14,000,604 futures where Thanos inevitably won were seen by Doctor Strange after Tony Stark made the call to go on to Titan instead of assembling the Avengers on Earth. What would those futures have looked like if Stark had turned Ebony Maw's ship around and how many of those futures would have been altered so that Earth's Mightiest Heroes won Avengers: Infinity War? Fans can only wonder and ask "What if?"

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