15 Avengers Who Could Beat Thor In A Fight

When it comes to kicking ass, few do it better than Thor. The God of Thunder is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe and regularly hands out beatdowns to some of the biggest bad guys around. This doesn’t mean he’s unbeatable though. In fact, he’s been beaten and broken a few times himself. Each time he’s come back tougher than ever, often with a massive point to prove.

While Thor has proven to be one of the most steadfast and loyal Avengers, there may well come a time when he finds himself at odds with the team he helped form. Should that happen, who would stand against him? More to the point, who would stand a chance at defeating him? And what could bring Thor to turn against his friends and allies?

Excluding the female Thor, as that would potentially end in a stalemate, we examine possible contenders for the 15 Avengers That Could Beat Thor in A Fight.


15 Scarlet Witch

Thor wasn’t around during the events of Avengers Disassembled and House of M, so he missed out on Wanda losing her mind and therefore he didn’t have to face her full power. If he had, it’s likely that he would have been caught in the effects of her reality warping and would have potentially been beaten before he even realised he was in danger.

In a stand-up slug-fest, Wanda’s hexes are no match for Thor’s raw strength or his own magics, but with enough prep time to conjure the proper spell, Wanda could separate Thor from Donald Blake (assuming the two were one at the time) or even make Thor temporarily unworthy of Mjolnir by manipulating his memories or history. Without Mjolnir’s power, Thor is significantly weakened and therefore much more vulnerable.

Thor’s greatest weakness is often his tendency to rush in unprepared so, given that Wanda’s hexes work best with preparation, his only chance would be to use his weakness as a strength and charge in fast.

14 Wasp


Janet Van Dyne might not be the most powerful Avenger, but she is a mainstay of the team for good reason. She’s a natural leader, often using her charming nature to resolve a situation through means other than simply smashing things.

But none of that means the Wasp isn’t useful in a fight. This is a woman who has stared down Doctor Doom, Magneto (with whom she once shared a brief attraction), and even Ultron. Her size-shifting powers and bio-energy blasts make her an unpredictable and formidable combatant.

To take Thor, she would have to employ subtle, but effective techniques, as she isn’t even close to being able to match his legendary strength. While Thor is incredible, he still has many of the same physical characteristics of a human, and therefore many of their vulnerabilities. Van Dyne's best option is to shrink to her minimum size and enter his inner ear, while there she could unleash her most powerful blasts to give him the worst case of vertigo in history. It may not put him down permanently, but a thunder god who can’t stand, can’t fight.

13 Captain America

Captain America may well be one of the greatest fighters in the Marvel Universe, but even years of combat experience and an unbreakable shield can’t match Thor when it comes to sheer power. But, they don't have to. Cap is one of the few mortals able to not only lift Mjolnir, but to wield its full power.

Assuming the reason for their battle is Thor because is possessed or tricked, Cap would be able to use Mjolnir against him. Captain America, armed with the greatest weapon in the Marvel Universe, is an almost unstoppable foe and one that could easily best and unarmed Thor.

Should Cap not be able to use Mjolnir, he still stands a chance. While he cannot match Thor in terms of power, he’s still Captain America, a man who never gives up and always seems to have a plan. He also has one thing not even Thor has: the unwavering support of the Avengers. Should the two face off, Cap and the Avengers versus Thor and the Asgardians would be one heck of a fight, but one that Cap could still win.

12 Black Panther

It’s hard to think of anyone who couldn’t be beaten by Black Panther in the right circumstances. He’s got the body of Steve Rogers and the mind of Tony Stark, with the resources of a technologically advanced nation and the world’s largest private fortune behind him.

But Thor is still Thor right? Well, Black Panther may not be able to match Thor’s mystical potential, but his connection to the Panther God may be able to level that particular playing field in the right circumstances. While the Panther God has never been seen to have even close to the power of Odin or the Asgardians, it is a mysterious entity whose power levels have never been fully explored.

With Thor’s magical abilities theoretically countered, that just leaves his sheer strength to deal with. Black Panther has a nearly unlimited supply of Vibranium at his disposal and therefore could construct energy-absorbing weapons to shield himself from Thor’s physical attacks.

Theoretically, all that would be left is for Black Panther to deliver a crushing blow in order to beat Thor. While this is no easy feat, Black Panther is smart enough to be able to use Thor’s strength against him.

11 Cannonball

While Cannonball is a recent addition to the Avengers' roster, his many years of association with the X-Men, X-Force, and The New Mutants have given us a solid understanding of his powers and history. Cannonball, AKA Sam Guthrie, generates a kinetic energy field around himself that also propels him at supersonic speed. While his “Blasting Field” is active, he is essentially invulnerable and pummels anything he hits with incredible force.

In this theoretical grudge match, Cannonball has two options. His first is to disengage. His tactical experience would tell him that when faced with a superior foe, retreat and come back with superior firepower.

Assuming that he has to face Thor in a one-on-one confrontation, Cannonball would have to employ the same trick he once used to take on Gladiator of the Shi’Ar empire. Basically he would need to goad Thor into hitting him as hard as possible, absorb the force of the impact, and redirect it at Thor in one massive blow.

10 Cable


Most of Cable’s stories focus on his combat prowess and impressive firepower. When he’s not hindered by the techno-organic virus Apocalypse infected him with as a baby, he’s also one of the most powerful beings in existence.

Assuming he wouldn’t have to contend with the T-O virus, Cable’s telepathy is apparently able to pick up a stray thought a world away. His telekinesis was also stated by Rachel Grey-Summers as being able to extinguish a star with a thought. When he did have this power-level, he fought the Silver Surfer while simultaneously levitating an island and telepathically communicating with hundreds of people.

Even without his full powers, he once beat Iron Man, Captain America, Falcon, and Red Hulk while at death’s door, just by using superior tactics. While Thor would be more powerful in a fight, Cable’s superior intelligence and tactical skill means that he would likely be able to source a mystical weapon, such as the fang of the Midgard serpent, and weaponize it to defeat Thor.

9 Wonder Man

Simon Williams is one of the physically strongest Avengers, though not quite at the level of Thor. He also doesn’t have Thor’s magical abilities. He doesn’t even have Captain America or Cable’s tactical genius. So at first glance, it may seem like this would be a very one-sided fight.

But, as with all things comic book related, it comes down to the writer and the circumstances. In theory, Wonder Man is immortal. Ever since his resurrection at the hands of the Scarlet Witch, his ionic energy form has been in flux. Sometimes he is solid, other times he is pure energy. Since then, his strength has been said to be equal to that of the Sentry and he choked the Red Hulk out with little effort.

While Thor is also immortal, he isn’t a true immortal. He still has to consume the Golden Apples that each Asgardian must periodically eat in order to live forever. All Wonder Man has to do is engage Thor until he eventually weakens through exhaustion. It could take a few decades for that to happen, though.

8 Sersi

Sersi is an Eternal, a true immortal with incredible transmutation powers. She never tires and has immense psionic powers, so a battle with Thor would be fought on a knife-edge.

While Sersi’s physical powers would give Thor a great deal of trouble, it’s more than likely she would employ the tried and tested “cast an illusion” technique to defeat him. It’s worked for Loki so often that it’s probably the most effective strategy, and one that would involve the least risk to herself.

Should Sersi be unable to trick Thor with her transmutation powers, she may be able to use them on him directly. In the Trojan war, she turned a shipload of sailors into pigs merely for bothering her, she may be able to use her powers on Thor and turn him into a mortal man. If she was able to do this, it would be easy to defeat him.

7 Doctor Strange

On a number of occasion,s Thor and Doctor Strange have aided each other against the forces of evil. Strange’s magics have proven to be compatible with Thor’s and he was even able to cast a spell that repaired Mjolnir when it was shattered and its own magics were broken.

A battle between Thor and Strange would have to be fought on the astral plane. Strange can conjure any illusion there and even deprive Thor of his powers, making the fight immense, but brief.

If the fight were to take place in the real world, Strange still has the ability to conjure physical powers and could use the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak to bind Thor and potentially hold him in place long enough to deal with him by using a more permanent spell. His best chance at defeating Thor, however, is to somehow separate Thor and Mjolnir. If he could put Mjolnir in a pocket dimension, away from Thor, he could potentially beat Thor by simply banishing him to another realm from which there was little hope of escape.

6 Ares


The Greek God of War has been an enemy of the Avengers, aiding Hades against the forces of good. But when he left Olympus and began to live an ordinary life as a construction worker on Earth, he was called up for Avengers duty with the promise that they could top his salary. While Ares admires and respects Thor, he is also keen to fight the greatest battles there are, often seeking a challenge.

Since Ares returned to the land of the living after being killed by the Sentry, he has chosen to explore the world and look for stories to tell his son Alexander when he too returns to life. If one of those stories were to involve a battle with Thor, it would be one of the closest battles in Marvel history.

Ares’ mind often works to find the best possible strategy, due to his status as the God of War and several millennia of experience. In a battle with Thor, he would work quickly to find a weakness and exploit it. Ares is one of the few heroes who possesses the raw power to do so without resorting to trickery.

5 Captain Marvel (Danvers)

In recent years Captain Marvel, AKA Carol Danvers, has grown increasingly prominent and is now one of Marvel’s most valuable assets. Ever since she began to gain prominence, her power levels have been written as being greater too. Even without her cosmic-level “Binary” powers, she is fast, strong, and able to fly as well to absorb and re-direct energy.

That's last ability that would be her key to defeating Thor. While Thor can generate and blast huge amounts of power via his hammer, he can still be harmed by energy weapons. As Captain Marvel has apparently no limit to the amount of energy she can harness, her best chance is to get Thor to use as much lightning as possible and wait until she has enough power to unleash a devastating single blast that would cripple him. If he doesn't fall for this ploy, her only option is to engage him in an environment where she can harness power from an external source and “go binary” on him.

4 Hercules

While Hercules and Thor have fought in the past, the two are generally very good friends and would be unlikely to fight each other. But, as heroes fighting heroes is very much in vogue right now, let’s just say they find each other on opposing sides and are forced into combat.

Each is the equal to the other in terms of pure strength, each has a near-unbreakable weapon, and each has a degree of magical ability. In theory, it could be a stalemate. In practice, like all superhero fights, it comes down to the writer and the needs of the story. Let’s assume Hercules would and could win, how could he do it?

Without the ability to trick Thor or to use some kind of tactical advantage, it comes down to a full-on ass-kicking contest. Hercules v Thor might not have the same impact as Batman v Superman or Captain America v Iron Man, but pitching brother against brother carries a massive emotional resonance and a battle of pure strength between these two would be epic.

3 Sentry

The first time Thor fought the Sentry, it ended with Thor victorious and the Sentry dead. But truthfully, it was only because the Sentry deliberately lowered his guard and begged Thor to kill him before he hurt any more people due to the influence of The Void persona. In truth, the Sentry at full power could have probably beaten Thor, as he tore Ares in half with little effort and matched The Hulk blow for blow. (The latter has beaten Thor several times.)

The Sentry has been shown to have the same power as Molecule Man and could potentially beat Thor by merely dispersing Thor’s molecules. He may not even have to raise a hand against him. In this battle, it really depends on Thor to find a tactical weakness against a superior foe. That’s highly unfamiliar territory for the God of Thunder, who usually relies on his sheer power to win.

2 Hyperion


Hyperion is Marvel’s answer to Superman. Technically a mortal, Hyperion stands equal to most gods in terms of raw power. His strength is incalculable; his nuclear energy beams are capable of atomizing almost any foe. When it comes to sheer power, he can stand shoulder to shoulder with beings such as Thor and the Sentry.

Thor and Hyperion have found themselves kindred spirits, as each understands what it is to possess the power of a god but to stand among ordinary men. Hyperion’s only vulnerability is that he weakens considerably when he is unable to absorb light. Thor would have to trap Hyperion underground and fight him until his powers are depleted in order to defeat him. Assuming he survives long enough to do so, of course.

In a classic too-close-to-call battle, these two are evenly matched in many ways. It’s only that Hyperion may be more willing to kill his foe that could possibly give him the edge over his friend and ally.

1 Hulk

Hulk is the strongest one there is” it’s an often quoted line and one that has been proven accurate many times. While the scourge of the universe, Thanos, will take on just about anyone and win, he’s stated outright that The Hulk is the one person he actively avoids. With this in mind, and given that Thor has rarely triumphed when battling the Hulk, it’s easy to see why the Thunder God would most likely lose this particular fight.

If Thor was in possession of the Odinforce, things may be a little different, as his near omnipotence in this form may finally give the Hulk a physically superior foe. In his normal form, with his classic power levels, he has openly stated that the Hulk is one foe he just can’t beat. His only option is to use his full strength to hit the Hulk so far away that the conflict can be abandoned.

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